Tuesday End of the Year details & Highlights from last week + music dress rehearsal this week!!

Last day of full classes is this week (8th), and the end of the year the presentations will be on the 15th. Below is a schedule of performances, and there will be time to have your student share about Science and
browse the “Art gallery”.

We will end the presentations with a time of fellowship and snacks, and below are also those details.

*8:45-9:00– Arrive

*9:00-9:30– 5/6 Music in the music room, 3/4 Martial Arts in the assembly room

*9:30-9:45– 5/6 to Spanish room; K/1, 1/2 and 3/4 tours Art, Science (open gallery)

*9:45-10:30– 3/4 Music in the music room, 5/6 Martial Arts in the assembly room

*10:30-11:00-K/1 Music, 1/2 Martial Arts

*11:00-11:30– 1/2 Music, K-1 Martial Arts

*11:30-Kinder Spanish Presentation in assembly room followed by prayer

*11:30-12:00- Snacks and fellowship

*12:00-12:15 -Clean up; 5/6 and all grades open gallery

**Pre-K students will be able to sit with the pre-K teachers and enjoy the end of the year presentations, or with their families. Pre-K will release early at 12-12:15 PM.

(Please note that although the start and end times of the day will stay the same, there might be slight adjustments for the scheduling of performances.)

For SNACK time, girls are to bring “sweets” including fruit trays and or dishes such as fruit salad or any creative dish or family favorite. Boys are to bring something “salty” to include veggies, dips, or related item of choice. Please be sure to label the dishes that contain dairy, nuts and gluten. I will provide plates, bowls, napkins, utensils and water. Each boy and girl is to bring enough for 3-4 people.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your patience as all of this information is disseminated.

MUSIC last week:
Next week dress rehearsals for our Jonah shows. Please bring costumes in your backpack (white collar shirt, handkerchief/bandana. Sailor/fishing hats if you have them. If not, I have sailor hats. Grades 3-6 need Recorders (practice every day this week!). Students need to come ready to perform their best and not goof off. Please run through lines with your students and help them project their voices. Looking forward to our shows a week from Tues!
Mrs. Larsen

Last Tuesday SCIENCE
We discussed how much of the world is covered in water/land. We estimated how much water was salt, fresh and frozen water. We will measure and graft the world’s water ratio.
Special thanks to our classmates who brought in more critters and plants!
3-6th grade homework
Bring your plant next week to see whose plants grew the best! Great job on your plant diagram test! Study it so more and take the test again!

*K-1 We talked about symmetry. We learned about the symmetry found in butterflies. Learning to draw a butterfly, we practiced trying to make one side symmetrical with the other
1-2 3-D!! We are working on our Clay serpents
*3-6 we will be working on our mural and trying to finish up our last projects.

Character building 1-2
We watched a video on how cookie monster handles discipline and self-control.
We played “broken telephone”. Understanding how our words can easily be misunderstood, we find it’s all the more important to watch what words come out of our mouth‘s.

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
*K/1 Students learned a fun A-E-I-O-U song and dance.
*1/2 Students practiced writing animal names, watched a fun learning animal video and practice pronunciation.
*3/4 Students learned Pequeno adding the suffix -ito or -ita to a Spanish noun to modify the meaning. The suffix adds the word small to the translation.
*5/6 Conjugation Practice -Students conjugated verbs to the proper form.

ATTN THOSE WITH BANK DRAFTS: final bank drafts are still being processed. Sorry for the delay, but look for those to finally process early this week. Thank you for all your support of the program!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director

Matt 19:15 “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”