Wednesday Highlights/Homework (4/25)

COMMUNICATIONS: We continued to work through our debates with the older two classes. K/1 and 1/2 read a story about kindness and talked about applying all that we learned this year about brains and our emotions.

We discussed “cohesion vs. adhesion” and observed these work in several experiments. We also had fun with a “Turkish dumbwaiter,” exploring centripetal force.
Make a Turkish dumbwaiter at home using a styrofoam plate and string.

K-1 finished our shadow puppets
1-2 lost in space
3-6 Putting together the crazy jigsaw of our mural, piece by piece

Character building 1-2: When we are in a scary or unnerving situation we are learning what My dad taught me…
Just L.A.W.G.G.E.T!!!!!
(Leave all with God, good, enduring and True!!)
-We also did mindful exercise, “The conveyor belt of worries”. Learning how to relax when we are having nervous or fearful thoughts.

P.E. with Mrs. Kaderli:
Fitness Games and a favorite, “Uncle Sam”

SPANISH with Mrs. Rodriguez:
Hola! This week we learned more about our amiga Lizzy! We met her gato, favorite jugete (pajaro), and saw Lizzy as she demonstrates her favorite baile (ballet). Also, tagged along with her to Mt. Playmore (lugar favorito) to visit! Gracias Lizzy for sharing yourself with us! We also finished reading our bilingual story Abuela this week.

1/2-We met Watson’s madre, padre y hermana this week, several pollos, and his family mascota! We also visited his beautiful casa, and met his extended familia! Learned about his comida favorita (corn bread) and his favorite superheroe (superman)! Samantha shared one of her favorites with us (guayaba), some of our friends sampled the fruit for the first time! We also met her familia, primos, abuelos y mascota (gato)! She shared her aficiones (playing the violin) and reading Amelia Bedilia. Gracias a su mama for sharing guayaba with us! It was yummy

3/4-Traveled to Mexico, Chile, and Costa Rica this week with Ezra, Aravis and Avery! First stop, Chile. We saw the Andean Fox, Guanaco, Puma, and met a pinguino! Ezra shared interesting facts on religion in Chile with us. On our way back we stopped in beautiful Costa Rica with Avery. We met a leatherback turtle, the howler monkey that can be heard for miles away, and a very adorable ocelot! Avery has traveled to Costa Rica on several occasions and shared her fun experiences with us! Like swinging on vines, and seeing a volcano off in the distance! During our return Mexico was our last stop with Aravis! We learned about their currency (pesos), were educated on the main religions there, and almost sampled a favorite desert in Mexico, Pastel de Tres Leches! Gracias estudiantes!

5/6 Traveled to Guatemala, Cuba, and Mexico this week! Sampling dishes on all the way! First stop Mexico, Natalie shared all the beautiful animales and their habitats that are native to Mexico. We learned about the desert jaguar, forest pajaros, and the lizards found in the thorny scrubs. Natalie also shared her delicious Arroz Mexicano with the class! Annalei took us to Guatemala, shared that Guatemala holds the record for the most evangelicals in a Latin American Country! Met a National Soccer Team, learned the meaning behind the color blue in the flag, and tried a variety of drinks, soda con limonada, and licuados de fruta! Annalei shared a favorite from Guatemala (Polvorosas) with us! Drake took us to Cuba, where we met Salsa dancers, learned about the Cuban Missile Crisis, and visited the many beautiful colorful buildings! We sampled Cuban Sliders made by Drake himself! They were very yummy!!!!!!! Gracias estudiantes for sharing with the class!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Maria Rodriguez

Recess fun! Love these kiddos!