Tuesday Highlights/Homework (4/24) and more from Monday (RR, 4/23)

MUSIC with Mrs. Larsen:
Reminder about costumes for the musical: Students will need a white button up shirt and a blue or red handkerchief to tie around their neck (other colors are fine if that’s what you already have). Goodwill is a great place to look for a button up shirt. Bring costumes to dress rehearsals on May 8th.
Reminder to grades 3-6: Always bring Recorders to class! Keep practicing Jonah’s remorse.
5/6 Character Building discussed our fears and have a challenge to memorize a short John Wayne quote: Courage is being scared to death…..and saddling up anyway.”
Have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen

Tuesday SCIENCE:
Thank you to the students who brought in unusual fruits/veggies, plants and critters!
We talked about Earth Day is everyday because God tells us to care for the earth. We discussed how the “circle of life” gives balance to our world and we are all interdependent, plants and animals. We learned about the “Goldilocks Zone” (yes, this is real science!)—-how earth is placed within our solar system perfectly, sustaining life.
3rd-6th —
STUDY YOUR DIAGRAM OF A FLOWERING PLANT! Test next week! (Word Bank will be included so don’t stress over spelling.)

Tuesday ART:
K-1 start on our “Jungle planet”
1-2 continued work on our “Reptile World”
we watched videos about pythons
3-6 Putting together the crazy jigsaw of our mural, piece by piece

Character building 1-2: We read a story about a girl who was scared and afraid when she had to move all the way across the country and leave her friends and home behind. We learned how she relied on God to help her through that fear.
-We also did mindful exercise. Learning how to relax when we were having disturbing or fearful thoughts.

Tuesday SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
*K/1 Students learned more animal names through a presentation with stuffed animals, a fun learning video and vocabulary; completed an exercise about animal art, drew 4 animals that they would like to take care of.
* 1/2 Students watched a fun learning video about animals, practiced pronunciation and complete an exercise “use the clues” and answered some questions in Spanish.
*3/4 Students completed an exercise called “Rainbow Roundup”- translated a sentence from Spanish to English and played a game called Silly Stories they use their imaginations to use Spanish words to make a story.
*5/6 Students complete a exercise called “nosotros estudiamos” using different verbs (when using them in a sentence, verbs are usually conjugated with the proper ending witch indicates the subject pronoun).

The Tuesday classes are demonstrating their leadership maturation at a higher level again. This photo is of the 1st and 2nd grade class. Their mission was to lead their own class in an appropriate and functional manner. All classes except for K-1 class has achieved this level of leadership. This week each student with a pin stripe was to lead one of the techniques then turn the leadership over to another student. Most are looking better than ever. It is becoming continuously more clear of who is most consistently doing their homework. The homework is the same as it has been from the beginning of the year. Students should be perfectly practicing each punch, kick, and stance a minimum of twenty times daily. The kata and vocabulary a minimum of five times.

In the class on Monday (Martial Arts)we mixed the fitness part up and performed a variety of strength exercises in repetition to increase cardio health. Please remember the homework is still the same as before regarding push ups, crunches, and running. At this point each student should be doing the number of push ups they achieved during the tests at the beginning of the year and add ten more to the numbers. The running section lately has been for endurance so instead of three 40 yard sprints we are running continuously for 10 or more minutes. Way to go!

Parents, please remember to follow the dress code found in the online student handbook. It’s very important that girls wear shorts under their skirts as the children perform front and side kicks, lunges, and squats as part of their conditioning. Also, please make sure your child is wearing appropriate shoes for athletic activities. We have a number of students that are doing athletic physical movements in boots, slipper type shoes, crocks, etc. Shihan Yochum would like to reiterate that all students wear footwear which will support and cushion the students’ body for athletic activities. Thank you!
Angela Turner, Director

More from Monday…
READERS THEATRE with Ms. Newell:
We all read through and acted out the story of Medusa and Perseus. We talked about the literary elements and archetypes seen in the story with the 5/6 and 3/4 classes.