Monday Highlights/Homework (4/ 23)

*K-1 free painting!!! since, we finished our mural!
*1-2 Working on our mural. Almost done!!!
Learned a new Zentangle design “Karabo”
*3-4 Fun free painting we finished our mirror!
*5-6 finishing our murals Learned a new Zentangle design “Gimmy”

*Character building 1-2
When we are in a scary or unnerving situation we are learning what My dad taught me.

Just L.A.W.G.G.E.T!!!!!

(Leave all with God, good, enduring and True!!)

Great job kiddos. We have been focusing on our strength and endurance portion of the class and the running stamina has improved tremendously!

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
K/1-*Round Rock: Students learned more names of animals through a presentation with stuffed animals; viewed a fun learning video and vocabulary; completed an exercise about birds of many colors.*Cedar Park: Students learned more animal names through a presentation with stuffed animals, a fun learning video and vocabulary; completed an exercise about animal art, drew 4 animals that they would like to take care of.

*Round Rock and Cedar Park
1/2 Students watched a fun learning video about animals, practiced pronunciation and complete an exercise “use the clues” and answered some questions in Spanish.
3/4 Students completed an exercise called “Rainbow Roundup”- translated a sentence from Spanish to English and played a game called Silly Stories they use their imaginations to use Spanish words to make a story.
5/6 Students complete a exercise called “nosotros estudiamos” using different verbs (when using them in a sentence, verbs are usually conjugated with the proper ending witch indicates the subject pronoun).

Thank you to the students who brought in unusual fruits/veggies, plants and critters!
We talked about Earth Day is everyday because God tells us to care for the earth. We discussed how the “circle of life” gives balance to our world and we are all interdependent, plants and animals. We learned about the “Goldilocks Zone” (yes, this is real science!)—-how earth is placed within our solar system perfectly, sustaining life.
STUDY YOUR DIAGRAM OF A FLOWERING PLANT! Test next week! (Word Bank will be included so don’t stress over spelling.)

Tasting from the kumquat tree!

Sweet sisters hanging at recess!

Recess -friendship fun!

Have a blessed weekend!