Tuesday Highlights/Homework (4/17) + class pics next week

We reviewed angiosperms and gymnosperms and how plants adapt.
3-6th Homework: study your diagram of a flower!
Thank you families for bringing in cool plants and critters! Keep it up! Here’s a slug and it’s portrait!

Tuesday MARTIAL ARTS: Look who was awarded our Student of the Month!!! Way to go!

K-1 top secret project
3-6 finishing our projects
*Character building 1-2
We talked about our words. We discussed how words are a lot like toothpaste in the toothpaste tube. Once they come out they just don’t go back again. We need to use patience when using our words to express ourselves.

MUSIC Homework:
The year is flying by! Students should be getting costumes ready, practicing lines and grades 3-6 should be practicing recorders. Please make sure your students always bring recorders to class every week! Costumes need to be brought to our dress rehearsals on May 8th.
Class pictures! Today we took advantage of having all students in 5/6 present so we got a nice class picture. All other grades, pre-K-4th will be taking class pictures with their home room teachers next week, April 24th. We will be starting pictures during morning devotional so please try to have students arrive on time in their blue shirts. Have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen

*K/1 Students learn animal names they brought stuffed animals to share with the class and we learned the names in Spanish.*1/2 Students learned animal names, pronunciation and alphabeth with animal names.
*3/4 Students learned animal names, pronunciation and complete the alphabeth with animal names
*5/6 Students learned Pequeño adding the suffix -ito or -ita to a Spanish noun to modify the meaning. We also talk about the end of the year presentation and Tuesday students already pick a subject and form teams to work in the project. Our project this year will be about Mexico.

CPW Recess fun in the spring sun…

And a Little from our precious pre-K…

Have a blessed weekend!