Monday Highlights/Homework (4/16)

How many laps could you do in 10 min? Wow, what an impressive group of kiddos…ENDURANCE!

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
*K/1 Students learned animal names in Spanish and brought stuffed animals to share with the class*1/2 Students learned animal names, pronunciation and alphabeth with animal names.
*3/4 Students learned animal names, pronunciation and completed the alphabet with animal names
.*5/6 Students learned Pequeño adding the suffix -ito or -ita to a Spanish noun to modify the meaning.

Here are pictures of students presenting their stuffed animal and drawing a picture of their favorite animal.

Kiddos were expressing that they were not getting enough individual on stage time, so we did team building and improv activities! All grades have two more weeks of Greek Mythology and then we will work on our end of year combo presentation with Mrs. L’s Art classes.

We discussed how decomposition occurs and why? We learned that “fungi” means “mushroom.”
3-6th homework: study your diagram of a flower!

Thank you families for bringing in cool plants and critters! Keep it up!

Monday ART
K-1 Top-secret project for Mother’s Day
1-2 intro to shadow puppetry for our big show
3-6 finishing our shadow puppets and other projects

Thanks to Hannah in k-1 for supplying the seeds and Liam k-1 for growing the lettuce!! Mrs L and Mrs Lomas had a great lunch!


RR Recess fun in the spring sun…

Have a blessed weekend!