Wednesday (4/11) Homework/Highlights (sorry for the late post)

We explored more ways to observe Bernoulli’s Principle. We talked about how we could throw an object, a liquid, and even a gas like air. A few students presented the examples of this principle they researched on their own. Today, we used a soda can and a few cups and empty water bottles to demonstrate how changes in air pressure can create “lift.” Have your students show you how this works!
3-6 How can you use a balloon to teach someone about Bernoulli’s Principle?

*K/1 & 1/2 we read When God Made You—it’s about how each one of us is unique on purpose and loved. We also read Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters which is an African Folk Tale about how important who we are on the inside is—we tied it into our lesson on integrity from last week.
*3/4 and 5/6-we continued to work through our speeches.
-All students in 3/4 have completed their speeches! They will be getting back their work this next week. No one is getting a letter grade, but I’m writing down my feedback for them to help them in the future.
*3/4 will be paired off to begin working on their debates. Their debate topic this week will be “should teachers be graded by their students?” Each team will need to formulate a “pro” stance and “con” stance.

*Noah, Bronson, Haley, and Tristan will be giving their speeches this next week, 4/18 in 5/6. Also, next week is Bronson’s last week and we will be having a small going away thing for him in character building. Any 5/6th grader who would like to bring a snack to share with the class or even a card for Bronson is welcome to do so! We are going to miss him!

+++Hola! This week in SPANISH
*K/1 had three (todo sobre mi ) presentations. Nathan shared his jugetes favoritos ( rescue bot), comida favorita (pizza), deporte favorito (futbol americano) and we also met his familia!! We met JoJos gato, gallina and her perro! Jo showed us a foto of her casa, told us about her comida favorita (pizza), mine as well! Brody introduced us to his mascotas, Bear and Smokey. Also visited his lugar favorito (el museo), and met his familia! We also continued reading from our bilingual book. Great job kiddos!
*1/2 also had a presentation. Judah shared her cosas favoritas with us. We learned about her deporte Jujitsu, met her mama, papa y hermana! Saw a foto of her comida favorita (hamburguesa) yummmmmm! Also met her mascotas! We also continued reading our bilingual story Los Cinco Crayones.
*3/4 competed against each other in our vocabulary bell game. Students received extra points for translating small Spanish phrases into english. Muy bien estudiantes!
*5/6 traveled to Bolivia this week with Evelyn! We learned that Bolivia has two capitals and is 193 years old. Saw a beautiful illustration of Evo Morales, Bolivias current leader illustrated by Evelyn herself! She also shared with us el deporte favorito ( futbol de salon). Evelyn also explained the meaning behind the flags symbols. We continued our workbook pages from last week, forming short questions and properly responding on the board.

Maria Rodriguez

All grades working steadily to finish our outstanding art projects to get ready for the big art show!!

+++++PE: Team-building!