Tuesday Highlights/Homework (4/9)

We explored what happens to leaves when they fall on the ground. Why don’t they just keep piling up? We discovered fungi, which means “mushroom,” has roots all over the ground and help the leaves and other dead things decompose. The decomposed leaves and other dead things become soil. We learned that spores are all around us, even inside. Fungus helps keep our world clean, even inside but we must keep our food fresh and covered. We watched timelasped videos of what happens to a bowl of fruit and vegetables left in the open air.
We had a blast finding critters outside on our recess grounds! Ask the students about the lizard that climbed up my pants and hid in my sweater!
Homework: 3-6 continue to care for your seedlings! Let’s see who has the greenest thumb!

MUSIC with Mrs. Larsen:
It’s time to think about costumes for the musical. Students will need a white button up shirt and a blue or red handkerchief to tie around their neck (other colors are fine if that’s what you already have). Goodwill is a great place to look for a button up shirt. Please have these by the first Tuesday in May.
*Grades 3-6 Recorder homework is to work on the 3rd line of Jonah’s Remorse. Please run through lines!!! Have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas-
Thank you to all the parents for helping with the fruit! Students really enjoyed making a salad from the fruit we had been learning in Spanish. This month we will be learning about animals and kindergarten is to bring their favorite stuffed animal to show to the class.
K/1 Students made an ensalada de fruta; also watched a learning video about animal names and sounds.
1/2, 3/4 & 5/6 Students made a fruit salad.

We will be working steadily to finish our outstanding art projects to get ready for the big art show!!
*Character building 1/2
We will be tackled our common every day fears with perseverance and truth; matched common fear cards to their perseverance fighters!!

Have a blessed rest of the week!