Monday Highlights/Homework (4/9)

We played with snakes and bugs and flowers. Thank you for bringing in some cool things! We discussed what plants “eat” and reviewed the process of photosynthesis. We watched a video of one of our world’s largest and oldest living things—General Sherman, the giant sequoia in California.
Keep bringing in things from nature, including any fruits/vegetables you want to share.
3rd-6th—students who wanted to participate in the green thumb challenge planted seeds in a pot and brought them home with them to care for and bring back to compare how well they grew.

Plus, 3 snakes visited science class today. Lots of bugs too.

We did the Greek mythology story of Hades and Persephone today in all classes. We talked about how last week we read a Greek story that taught us a lesson and this week the story taught us about the stories they used to explain life and the seasons.

For 5/6 Character Building: We are almost finished with The Westing Game! Each student should choose a character and write a brief essay on the person’s character traits. One page handwritten works or two pages if it’s double-spaced (not a super strict rule, but I’d like them to consider all angles of the person they’ve chosen). They still have a couple weeks to get it turned in. Shoutout to Noah who got his done this last week! He set the bar high with his analysis.

Thank you parents for contributing to our day of…ensalada de fruta!

Please join us in congratulating Jason in 3/4 for earning our RR ‘student of the month’! Well done Jason! We’re proud of you!

All classes will be working steadily to finish our outstanding art projects in preparation for the big art show!!

Character building 1/2-
We tackled our common every day fears with perseverance and Truth. We matched common fear cards to their perseverance fighters!!

Hand art @ recess…