Wednesday Homework/Highlights (4/4)

*K-2 We are learning about Georgia O’Keeffe and her large- scale depictions of flowers as if seen through a magnifying glass; In preparation for our next project.
*3-4 We worked on our roles and our shadow puppets for the show at the end of the year.
Referencing Georgia O’Keeffe we are having an introduction to American modernism in art. While finishing our projects for the big art show

**Character building 1-2
Annalei Russel of 5/6 led 1-2 in the Rain Ensemble. 1-2 graders will be doing sound effects for our show at the end of the year.

COMMUNICATIONS: Speech time! Great job all!

SPANISH with Mrs. Rodriguez
En La clase de Español: Kinder completed a page in the workbook ( La familia), after drawing our family we labeled them in Spanish. We also began a new bilingual book ( A trip to Grandmas House).
*1/2: Completed workbook pages on our familia, matching pictures to their Spanish translation. We also began reading ( Cinco Crayones), and heard a delightful presentation (Todo Aserca de Mi) by Fiona. We met Fionas familia including her hermanas, learned about her favorite pasatiempo (nadar), y cuando crezca quiere ser una Bailarina! Very well done Fiona!
*3/4: This week we traveled to Chile with Eduardo! Made a stop in Easter Island and got to see almost 900 stone figures that date back many centuries! We met the many animales found in Chile, foxes, puma and flamingos! Edward also shared that the long coastline of Chile is home to the Gentoo Penguin! We learned that the children in rural areas wake up anytime between 5:00 – 6:00 a.m. to walk to school, or meet the bus. Chilean food consist of completo, pebre, empanadas, churrasco and cazuelas. We also had the privilege to try galletas from Chile! Sooooooo yummyyyy! Gracias a Edward and his madre!
*5/6 This week we had a treat, Zoe Rose translated scripture that speaks to her heart from the book of Psalms, and read in Spanish to the class! Very well done Zoe-Rose! The kids complete pages in the workbook ( las preguntas). We began how to properly form small questions in Spanish, changing the verb and subject when responding. The kids took turns coming up to the board to complete. HOMEWORK: If assigned one, be ready to translate your sentence on the board next week!

Maria Rodriguez

Shihan Yochum began April’s unit of stretching and team building.

We discussed the Bernoulli Principle. We explored how to create “lift” with a ping pong in a funnel, two balloons on a string, and two strips of paper. Changing design and weight, we learned how best to make a paper figure “fly.” Homework:
Find an example of Bernoulli Principle at work around you.