Highlights and Homework- RR (Monday, 3/19) & CPW (Tues. 3/20) !

+COMMUNICATIONS (Mon.) with Ms. Newell
1/2-5/6 all did a Taxation without Representation Reader’s Theatre script. We talked about how we would act out the different emotions of the colonists experiencing injustice and 1/2 had lots of fun exploring the marbles I brought for money.

K/1 played through a miming and thought game that helped us think on our feet. We also did a story telling circle so we could create a story together. The kids mainly focused on making sure our story included as many pigs as possible!

+ SCIENCE RR wth Mrs. Cecil
Monday – we discussed why apples are different colors. We learned that wild apples were not as big, sweet or varied as they are on farms. We learned that through a process called selection, farmers are able to grow apples and other fruits and vegetables that are bigger and better tasting than plants that grow in the wild. In fact, now, by selecting seeds generation after generation, we’ve made apples sweeter and bigger. Through selection, humans have created over 2,000 varieties of apples! We taste tested many varieties of apples today and graphed our favorites.

Homework: the kids are really enjoying all the spring gifts around them—flowers, bugs, etc! Let’s start a bug and flower collection! Either bring in pictures of bugs and flowers they see around them or if you are brave, the real bugs and flowers. I have a terrarium to put our bugs in and we can press the flowers and start a collection.

+MUSIC (Tues.) with Mrs. Larsen
Many students received small prizes for memorizing their lines today! There’s another chance next week, so keep memorizing if you haven’t yet.
HW Grades 3-6. Decode your recorder music if you haven’t yet. Practice 5 minutes/school day. Have a great week!

Also: many students are forgetting to bring their recorders each week. Please make sure they bring them every week!

+ART -all grades RR and CPW with Mrs. L
This week I invited all of our students to join me in my exciting adventure at MeowWolf museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I put together a slideshow of my visit to this amazing collaborative art exhibit over spring break.

My daughters and I had the time of our life and I was very excited to share my experience with our eager little artists.

+Character Building RR and CPW
Mrs. Cecil 3-4 and Mrs. L 1-2 combined character building today.
In speaking of perseverance we discussed being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

It’s basically the idea that growth is painful, discomfort. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable because, when you’re uncomfortable, that is your body, brain, heart, your soul growing. Learning something new like math, science, learning a new concept or, learning a new skill in art is growing. You are teaching your hand how to draw and it’s frustrating because, you can see it in your brain but you just can’t get your hand to actually do it. That frustration is the discomfort of growing and learning that skill. When you get through that discomfort you’ve mastered that skill and at the end of it, you’ve grown! You could also use the analogy of a sprouting seed. We don’t know what it feels like for that seed to open up and that little green root to push out of that seed but, you can imagine that it probably takes a lot of work and it’s not real comfortable. So, part of being a person that is constantly growing is being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Showing grace and perseverance is learning to deal with things that aren’t always perfect and to deal with it beautifully. You know you’re growing if it’s hurting!🤗

We also did the mindfulness exercise “the spaghetti test.” This exercise helps us relax in intense and frustrating situations. We practiced making our muscles really tight and then we let them go.

One insightful student noticed how he felt vulnerable when he was sitting still. We talked about how frogs are very good at sitting still, watching, listening and waiting. We discussed how even though you might think the frog would feel stronger, braver, less vulnerable jumping about as fast as it could, frogs sit very still so they can listen and watch. When we are still and listening we are learning. One great way to listen for God‘s guidance is to be still.

+SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas
Round Rock and Cedar Park

k/1 Students learned food meanings; listened to the words I was saying and circled the correct one. Practiced pronunciation and reviewed a number exercise, connect the dots from uno(one) to diez(ten).

1/2 Students learned new food words and colored a block to find out the hidden word- leche(milk). Practiced writing new foods and colored the pictures; practiced pronunciation with a power point presentation.

3/4 Students learned new foods, A square meal they wrote the name for each food in Spanish. practiced pronunciation and played hangman with Spanish food words.

5/6 Students learned new food words about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drew a table setting with Spanish words and played hangman with Spanish food words.

+MARTIAL ARTS with Shihan Yocham (Monday)
Please join us in congratulating our Round Rock Student of the Month, Lydia! Well done sweet girl! We are proud of you!

Here’s the K/1 group!

Grade 1/2!

Matt 19:15 “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”