(Wednesday) Communications Homework for 3-6 grades

Homework for 3/4 & 5/6

In preparation for our unit on debate, each student will write and prepare a persuasive speech. The speech can be “pro” or “con” and any topic the student chooses to pick is welcome as long as some of the more controversial social or political topics are avoided.

The speech should consist of an introduction that starts broad with a “hook” to engage the audience and to convince them of the relevancy of the chosen topic and then should funnel down into a thesis statement that presents the student’s position.

The body should include at least three points of evidence to defend the presenter’s stance and then the conclusion should bring the topic a bit broad again with some final points and a fact or statement to remind the audience of the point. It should also include evidence as to why the other “side’s” arguments are not as valuable as the chosen position.

Speeches should be no more than five minutes, but shouldn’t be less than three minutes.

The students all heard this information in class too, but I thought I’d include it for review.

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Ms. Newell