Tuesday Highlights & Homework 3/6

Cedar Park West *k/1 This week students learned about food. (Vocabulary and pronunciation with a power point presentation and colored a poster about food). Milk-leche, ensalada-salad, papa-potato, queso-cheese, jugo-juice pan-bread and pollo-chicken.

*1/2 & 3/4 Students learned food vocabulary and pronunciation about fruits and vegetables; played Spanish bingo.

*5/6 Students learned food vocabulary and pronunciation about fruits and vegetables.

+Cedar Park West ART:

*K/1 colored our scorpion drawings and our cat drawings

*1/2 finished our scorpion and reptile drawings

*3/4 & 5/6 continued water coloring our perspective projects

*Character building 1-2 Tuesday w/ Mrs. L
We played the patience game and discussed the importance of waiting our turn to talk. We also did our mindfulness exercise, “Sitting still like a frog”.

+CPW MUSIC: Scripts for the musical were passed out today!!!! Please do not lose them. Bring them to class every week, along with recorders.
Grades 3-6 Homework: 3 assignments:
1. Decode recorder song, Easy to C. Write music notes on the page. Practice for 5 minutes a Day. If mastered, move on to next page (Good evening friends).
2. If you were cast as a sailor, pick a cool sailor name and write it on your script.
3. Show your script to your family, underline your line(s) and start memorizing. Those who come back with lines memorized in TWO weeks will get a prize.

*Note: All grades need to pick a fun sailor name and write it on their script, unless they were cast as Jonah.
Happy Spring Break!
Mrs. Larsen

Please congratulate Evan as our Tuesday Student of the Month!

We played “fruit-tables” as we explored what makes a Science fruit, science veggie, and science berry. We discussed knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is knowing not to put it in your fruit salad.

Have a wonderfully safe and restful spring break! Mrs. Cecil


Ashlyn named the flower purple petals

Gaga ball

A fairy house


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Blessings, Angela Turner, Director

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