CPE 2/21 (Wednesday) Highlights & Homework

*In grades 3-6 we finished up our discussion on personalities and transitioned that into a conversation about how different people have different conflict styles— we connected this with our default modes of the beat so that we can begin discussing debate methods and conflict resolution methods next week.
*In grades K-2 we read Fog Island, Whoever You Are (by Mem Fox), and in 1/2 we read I am Mad. We used the kid’s imaginations in Fog Island to talk about how we can be imaginative when working on conflict. We also talked about how the kid in I am Mad could have shared his feelings and needs instead of just being grumpy all over the place.

Shadow puppets and art. Oh my!!!

We explored how sound travels. Ask your student how to stop someone from humming! We made popcorn “dance” using sound waves. We had a great time using “musical instruments ” made from different kinds of string and different kinds of utensils. Homework: make a “musical instrument” at home that sounded different than the ones in class.

Study for our end of the month vocabulary memory jogger*****

This week en la clase de español: Kinder kiddos matched up Spanish and English saludos and glued them unto construction paper. We also continued our bilingual story (La Gallina Roja).

1/2: We played a vocabulary matching game. The kiddos broke up into two teams and matched as many vocabulary words to the English translation.

3-5 We played a game using(si y no) answers. I dictated statements in Spanish using saludos, the kids translated them and responded if the statement was correct or incorrect. Study your words for our memory jogger.

Maria Rodriguez

P.E: coach the coach with football!