CPW/Tuesday Highlights & HOMEWORK! (Feb.20)

We explored how pollination works and labeled parts of a flower. Students pollinated a Lilly flower using a “bee” and “pollen.” Homework: list other ways a flower can be pollinated.

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:

K/1 students learned clothing with an exercise and fun learning video.

1/2 students learned about clothes, wrote sentences about clothes and colors and watched a fun learning video.

3/4 students learned parts of the face and parts of the body.

5/6 students learned the proper way to use “the” in Spanish el, la, las and los and also learned about adjectives that show possession or to whom something belongs mi-my, tu-your (informal), su-your (formal), nuestro-our(masculine) and nuestra-our (feminine).

*K-1 started water coloring
*1-2 finally finished our perspective projects yippee!!!
*3-4 began water coloring our perspective projects
*5-6 intro to watercolor

Character building 1/2
We read: You’re Here for a Reason by Nancy Tillman. We talked about how even the smallest of kind things that you do blossom and multiply far beyond you.

We continued learning social dances.
*5/6 worked on the Mexican hat dance and other grades continued square dance, adding new moves such as the promenade. We also worked on our Jonah songs.

During our rainy recess some students played musical chairs.

**Homework for 3-6. BRING RECORDERS every week! Practice 5 min/school day. *5/6 – review Mary had a little lamb
*3/4 review Three Giraffes.

*5/6 Character Building-we talked about character traits of Olympic athletes. Homework: write a paragraph about an Olympian (from any Olympics, summer, winter, past present). Learn about the struggles they went through to get to the Olympics or some good character traits they possess. We will share these in class next week. Get creative, feel free to bring pictures to make these presentations interesting. You will only be invited to share if you have a written report. Have fun with this! Mrs. Larsen

1/2 in Martial Arts-

Have a wonderful rest of the week!