ART (all grades, all campuses 2/12-2/14) + MUSIC this past week at CPW + NO SCHOOL MONDAY

Art all grades all campuses
*Monday ART
K-1 continued working on our shadow puppets
1-2 readers theater performance
3-6 started our shadow puppet planning/design
*See you back on the 26th! Enjoy the holiday this Monday!

*Tuesday ART
K-1 Began our sketch for our next watercolor project
1-2 made mailboxes for our Valentines
3-4 began working on our watercolor technique
5-6 made mailboxes for our Valentines/continued work on our perspective project

*Wednesday ART
K-2made mailboxes for our Valentines
3-4 started our shadow puppet planning/design
5-6 made envelopes for our Valentines

Thank you! -Mrs. L

Tuesday-MUSIC: We had a Valentine’s square dance.

We also jumped right into learning the first song of our May musical, “Jonah and The Whale” (changed from “The Empty pot”, which was originally planned but we will save for another time).
Homework: grades 3-6 need to always bring recorders to music class. Review previous recorder music this week.

During morning devotional this week we sang songs about love/hearts including Deep in the heart of Texas, I’ve Got the Joy Down in my Heart, Jesus Loves Me and Bicycle Built for Two. We celebrated God’s love in passing out Valentines during Character Building, and thank you for all the kind valentine cards and gifts. Also, ,during lunch students watched a recording of their musical. Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day!
Mrs. Larsen