Reader’s Theatre Performances Begin at 9am Tomorrow!

Monday reminders – Reader’s Theatre!

We are performing Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Each child will need to wear a shirt the color of their animal on the day we perform. If your child is the teacher or one of the children, they can dress like a regular person:

Fuller: Brown Bear
Gideon: Red Bird
Madison: Yellow Duck
Jaxon and Silas: Blue Horses
Hannah and Emma: Green Frogs
Lainey: Purple Cat
Abbey: White Dog
Liam: Black Sheep
Jordan: Goldfish (yellow or orange shirt is fine)
Sadie: Teacher
Scarlett, Cora, Adella, Rylan, Lydia: Children

1/2 is performing A Giraffe and a Half. Most of your kids have volunteered to contribute items from home. If your child’s name is listed in parentheses that means they volunteered to bring that item. They will be returned to you.

Props needed: small rat (depending on if Mason will be able to be here), fake or real rose with double-sided tape, a flute or recorder (Abby), small chair, stuffed bear (Daniel), fake fruit (Sarah and/or Carina), a small bug or flea stuffed animal, toy cake (Carina)

Gavin is the bee–yellow shirt with black pants for being a bee
Mason – rat
Woman who buys junk-Anabelle—we have a costume for her if she doesn’t have anything at home.

Each reader for the play has a copy of the script in their folder.
3/4: Make sure to bring your script!

5/6 was sent home with outline/scripts of their play so that they could work on timing and focus on eliminating the gaps between scenes.

Please arrive by 9:00 prepared for your role. Doors open at 8:45. We will get started as soon as possible in the morning.


Christa Newell