Tuition due this week…and more highlights from last week!

Hello, and happy Super Bowl Sunday! I hope you’re having fun! Just a quick reminder that tuition is due this week if you are paying by check or cash.

Below are more highlights from last week…

Monday and Tuesday
SCIENCE—Should we water a cactus? We discussed how plants live in different habitats, some needing lots of sun and water and some needing only a little water or a little sun. 3-6 worked on their “grassheads.”
Tell your parents where vanilla comes from! (The vanilla orchid) Challenge: smell and then taste a bit of vanilla. Record how you thought it would taste and your reaction to how it tasted.
We experimented with freezing and boiling points of water. We discovered how salt melted ice by lowering the freezing point of water. We made fruit sorbet!
Help Mrs. Cecil with the “crazy cube” experiment—what went wrong and how can we get it to work! (And does anyone have a tuning fork Mrs. Cecil may use?)

Wednesday COMMUNICATIONS with Ms. Newell:
5/6 and 3/4-We took an adapted MBTi personality assessment. We talked a lot about the questions and what each of the preferences meant and then next week they will get their results and we will talk about cognitive functions, not being “boxed in” as a result of personality assessment results, and how each type can grow and develop as they get older.

1/2 and K/1-We read Octicorn and Elmer and talked about how we were each different. We listened to our friends share about where they were born and now each of our families are unique and that contributes to each of us having unique personalities.

We look forward to a wonderful week!