1/31 CPE Spanish

This week en La clase de Español:
Kinder heard an interactive bilingual book titled ( La Gallina Roja). We reviewed our animales, números y colores by listening and answering questions from our story.

1/2: We took some of our vocabulary words found on pages 20-23 in the workbook and created a bingo board. I dictated words and the kiddos translated them onto the board. Congratulations to our bingo winner Zeke! Great job !

3/4: We traveled to Venezuela and Colombia this week with Brayden and Davis. Met Jose Altuve a Venezuelan baseball player who plays for the Houston Astros, and won the 2017 American League MVP award. We learned about the beautiful orchids found in Venezuela, got a glimpse of the national bird (troupial). During our stop in Colombia we tried some of their local cafe, met some beautiful animals that are native to Colombia like the worlds largest rodent the capybara. We also learned that Colombia is the only country which has a coastline on both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

5/6: We practiced how to properly greet an older man or woman. Learned the proper way to greet someone during different times of the day. Also, greeted a young lady who is unmarried with no children all by role playing with each other. We also heard our last group presentation on how to order our food properly at a Spanish speaking restaurant. The kids also completed page 1,2 in the workbook.

Mrs. Rodriguez