Reader’s Theatre

On February 12th all classes will be performing the pieces they have been working on during and after assembly. This will start right at 9:05, so it is going to be extra important to be on time! We do not want performances interrupted so please make sure that your student arrives and quickly sits with his or her class so that they will be a good audience!

K/1 will be performing Brown Bear, Brown Bear from 9:05-9:15. Each student should arrive wearing a colored shirt that reflects their animal color. A previous email was sent with the color information. This information is also previously posted on the Homework Blog:

1/2 will be performing Giraffe and a Half from 9:15-9:25. Each student should arrive in their outfit or costume.
**Supplies needed (kids who volunteered to being listed item are in parentheses, if no one is listed we still need the item) hat for Elijah, fake or real rose with double-sided tape, a flute or recorder (Abby), small chair, small stuffed skunk (Sarah), stuffed bear (Daniel), fake fruit (Sarah and/or Carina), a small bug or flea stuffed animal, toy cake (Carina), suit jacket (Elijah)

Costumes or face paint needed:
Gavin is the bee–yellow shirt with black pants for being a bee
Mason – rat
Woman who buys junk (maybe an oversized coat)-Anabel

3/4 will be performing The 3 Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig from 9:25-9:40. Each student should have their items, such as pig snouts and wolf tails, ready to be put on as soon as the 1/2 group is done with their performance. I have some pig ears!

5/6 will be performing their own written Improv Christmas Play, The 12 Disasters of Christmas from 9:40-10:00. There will be a couple minutes in between the 3/4 and 5/6 performances to get the stage set up.

Please check the homework blog (linked above) to check for supplies needed! Most of your students should have copies of their scripts, but feel free to email me if you need an extra copy.

Thank you!
Ms. Newell