TREA Tues & Wed Highlights/Homework! (+New CPW Musical date, props needed…)

+CPW (Tues) MUSIC: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Musical will be pushed back by one week to the 6th due to the ice storm and student absences. I’m sorry for any inconveniences. Parents who cannot attend on the 6th are welcome to attend the dress rehearsal on Tuesday Jan 30th at 11:30 am.

***Details of the show: Tuesday February 6th at 12 noon in the sanctuary. Doors will not open before noon as we will have a quick final dress rehearsal right before the show.

**Dress rehearsal: Tuesday Jan 30th at 11:30 am. Students need to bring costumes.

Note: One of our teachers will be dressed up with a wolf costume and will sneak in to the show from the back and chase the sheep. Just a heads up in case you have a small child scared of masks.

Props NEEDED for the musical: Fake trees and plants, brown and green sheets or blankets, handiwork (knitting, yarn, cross stitch-for 4 girls), a few watering cans, seed packets, yo-yos
If you are able to bring props, please email Mrs. Larsen to let her know ( and please bring them labeled w/ your child’s name to the dress rehearsal! Thanks!
Here’s a sneak preview…

And our special pre-k audience:

+CPW (Tues) SPANISH w/ Mrs. Lomas

K/1 learned classroom vocabulary , watched a video song about the days of the week and the months of the year and practiced pronunciation of the days and months.

1/2 watched a video about the days of the week and the months of the year, reviewed days of the week and worked on a exercise of what day of the week comes next.

3/4 practiced pronunciation of the days of the week and did a work puzzle. Practice exercise on the months of the year.

5/6 Practice exercise on the months of the year, reviewed numbers and learned how to write the date in Spanish.

+ART (Tues. & Wed.)
*K-1 We discussed and read a book about the famous painter Kandinsky and tried drawing sounds like him.
*All other art classes: we continued our perspective projects

+Tuesday Character Building 1–2 with Mrs.L
*We read “The little bit scary people”, by Emily Jenkins. We discussed having compassion for others by not judging before we get to know someone.
+Wednesday Character Building 1/2 with Mrs.L
*We covered up not so nice names that people might call us with Band-Aids; discussed how name-calling never feels good. We celebrated what we do like to be called.

+COMMUNICATIONS– Wednesday highlights from Ms. Newell:
We talked about non-verbal communication. In the two oldest classes we learned the words haptics, proxemics, and paralinguistics. We talked about how everything from our appearance/hygiene/clothes choices to our facial expresses and eye contact influence our ability to be heard well and received, and we also conveyed how we feel about the listener based on our nonverbal communication. We also played games in class to highlight the importance of being thoughtful with our nonverbal communication.
+RR REMINDER: Reader’s Theatre play is set for February 12!

+SCIENCE classes with Mrs. Cecil-
Tuesday at CPW- We discovered why trees grow so tall and that roots “know” up from down.
3-6th grades extended this lesson by making “grass heads.”
Homework: 3-6th grade ONLY—please bring a disposable, plastic water bottle with the students name on it (small size preferably but 12-16 oz will work as well) to class next week. Extras are welcome.

Wednesday at CPE- Science
We explored “invisible ink” and hypothesized why acidic fluids are invisible until heat is applied. We observed how a paper cup, with water in it, will not burn but the water will boil under a flame, learning about heat transfer. THE STUDENTS WERE REMINDED THAT EXPERIMENTS ARE ONLY DONE WITH AN ADULT.
3-6th only ( unless younger grades want to)
Research what other liquids can be used as “invisible ink.” Have an adult help you apply heat. (A lamp with incandescent bulb is ideal.) too.

And our sweet Pre-K…

+CPE (Wed.) P.E. – Mrs. Kaderli was out so Mrs. Turner played “dragon tale” and a ‘how quick can you block’ game with 1/2 and 5/6.
Shihan Yokum graced us with his presence to do the same games with K/1 and 3/4 (emphasizing more proper Martial Arts techniques of course😉). Fun day!

+CPE (Wed.) SPANISH with Mrs. Rodriguez
Coming soon!