CPE (Wed.) Spanish 1/25

En la clase de español
Kinder- This week the kiddos matched and glued the Spanish translation of numbers 1-10 to the English. We also had fun learning our zoo animal names in Spanish.

1/2- We read through our color, number and animals flashcards this week. The kids also had fun pronouncing the words in Spanish. I had fun listening to them guess the Spanish names 😂. They are super sweet and very eager to learn the language.

3/4- We began working on our next set of vocabulary words ( saludos) greetings. The kids should have their list in the red folder. We also picked vocabulary words from last semesters lists and added them to a bingo board. I dictated the word in English and the kids translated them into Spanish. We had several winners! Please finish writing your words in the red spiral notebook for homework this week.

5/6- Bienvenido to our new student Noah! We heard some funny and awesome Spanish restaurant skits! My students put on a great show demonstrating how you would order food at a restaurant in Spanish. Each group had their skit typed up, or written up neatly on index cards. They were very well prepared and were hilarious! Each student received extra points for their extra effort.

Maria Rodriguez