TREA Monday Homework & Highlights (1/22) + Reader’s Theatre Performances moved to Feb.12

Science with Mrs. Cecil (Mrs. Seed-cil😉): We discovered why trees grow so tall and that roots “know” up from down.
3-6th grades extended this lesson by making “grass heads.”
Homework: 3-6th grade ONLY—please bring a disposable, plastic water bottle with the students name on it (small size preferably but 12-16 oz will work as well) to class next week. Extras are welcome.

Spanish with Mrs. Lomas:

K/1 learned seasons; watched a video song about the seasons, the days of the week and the months of the year; practiced pronunciation of the days and months.

1/2 watched a video and review the days of the week; worked on a exercise of what day of the week comes next.

3/4 practiced pronunciation of the days of the week and did a work puzzle; completed a practice exercise on the months of the year.

5/6 Completed a practice exercise on the months of the year; reviewed numbers and learned how to write the date in Spanish.

Martial Arts– We enjoyed our “class basics” more than usual today. Most of class time was spent on lessons in lengthening leg muscles related to the activity running. The photo displays the primary stretching techniques that were done in every class. Homework: push ups, crunches, and three 40 yard sprints (daily)! Continue to build.

Communications with Ms. Newell:
Having received word today that multiple children will be absent on the 5th, we have decided to move the Reader’s Theatre play to February 12!
Most of your kids have volunteered to contribute items from home. A separate email with details regarding props needed will be sent to parents of students in K/1 and 3/4. Each reader for the play has a copy of the script in their folder.
Thank you!
Me. Newell

The day with Mrs. L:
Character building 1–2We read “The little bit scary people”, by Emily Jenkins. We discussed having compassion for others by not judging before we get to know someone.

Art: Each class continued their perspective projects

Have an amazing week!