TREA CPE Wed. 1/17 Highlights

In all classes we studied the difference between listening and hearing and healthy verbal communication.
-Ms. Newell

With the freezing temperatures, we experimented with changing the temperature of air. We hypothesized how to change the air temperature and what this change will do to water and to objects like a plastic bottle. The 5/6th grade class took home a balloon to continue the experiment with changes in air temperature.
5/6 Homework: They were instructed to blow up the balloon and tie it closed. Measure the circumference of the balloon and mark where they measured it with a pen. Place the balloon in the freezer for at least an hour and then measure the circumference again. Explain what happened to siblings/parents.
-Mrs. Cecil

We discussed and read a book about the famous American painter Edward Hopper and made paper airplanes
*All other art classes: we continued our perspective projects
Character building 1–2
We read “The little bit scary people”, by Emily Jenkins. We discussed having compassion for others by not judging before we get to know someone.
-Mrs. L

Hola! This week en la clase de español
*Kinder: We talked about our numbers and animals in Spanish. Completed pages 7, 8 in the workbook. We also finished our bilingual story Amos y Boris. We discussed this semesters Spanish project. The kids decided they would like to create a ( Todo Sobre Mi) all about me poster board. We decided as a class to add mi familia, mi perro, mi comida favorita y mi color favorito etc. They may add anything they would like to share with the class about themselves ( please label pictures or drawings in Spanish). This project can be brought in as early as next month, through the month of April. We will start classroom presentations in February.
*1/2 : The kids completed pages 20-23 in the workbook. We also talked about our class project for this semester. Half the class would like to choose a country where Spanish is the main language spoken, research facts and create a trifold poster board. The other half would like to create (todo sobre mi) all about me board with just about anything they would like to share about themselves with the class. Please label pictures in Spanish ( comida favorita, mi familia, mi perro, mi color favorito etc.) They may start bringing in their projects as early as next month for presentation to the class. Please try to send in by April
*3/4: We broke off into three teams this week and competed against each other by matching all of last semesters vocabulary words to their English translation. Great job kiddos!
*5/6: The kids presented their composed Spanish dialogue to the class. We had some very interesting food dishes ordered in our restaurant 😂. Great Spanish pronunciation kiddos! Gracias!
-Maria Rodriguez

P.E. with Mrs. Kaderli –
Team building fun- cooperation and coordination in “Pass the cone” (elbows only, knees only, feet only)🤣

Items left behind…

Have a blessed weekend!!!