More from Shihan Yokum -Mon/Tues. Martial Arts Homework

Martial Arts):
Monday classes:
We are excited to have new students with us! We tested push-up and crunch numbers for the new students while the rest of the class performed their push-ups and crunches assignment. We also did leg strengthening exercises paying attention to exercises that develop the slow twitch muscle fibers as well as the fast twitch muscle fibers. We were able to athletically practice front kicks and jab movements in relating to self defense awareness.
Homework: perform daily the number of push-ups and crunches listed as their test numbers; adding 6 to each exercise.

The December P.E. student of the month was announced. Congratulations to Brody. A variety of traits brought about this recognition but one that stands out as one of most powerful traits is his respectful etiquette.

Tuesday’s class:
We reviewed the first rank material and discovered that with weeks away from regular repetition, we forget more than we ever expected. PARENTS: Please encourage your student to do their homework of repetition every day. This repetition develops more than their technique. Brain research has shown these movements affect the synapse connections and tune our chemical releases to a more balanced state of the brain.

We also celebrated getting shirts back to students that had earned promotions and were reminded that with rank comes responsibility. We enjoyed the celebration of the December student of the month. Congratulations Timothy for earning that acknowledgement. Timothy was a front runner for student of the month in November and stayed focused and eager more than ever in December. Timothy demonstrates maturity beyond his age and is ready to meet the next level of expectations!