TREA RR & CPW homework/highlights (Mon.& Tues).

Science, Monday and Tuesday:
K-2 —We reviewed the “recipe” plants use to make their own food and the 3 main ways a seed travels. We discussed “doom of darkness”—the shaded area a seed may fall too close to a bigger plant. Homework: Discuss (parents can help!) and complete Plant Parts have a Purpose.
3-6 —We solved the mystery of the “traveling tree.” We made several kinds of “flying” seeds and tried to avoid the “doom of darkness.” Homework: Find Reunion Island on a map and calculate how far it is from Hawaii. Research a type of seed that travels in one of the three main ways.

Music: January will be all about preparation for our upcoming musical. Today each class got to practice onstage in the sanctuary. The Boy who cried wolf will be performed at noon on January 30th. Mark your calendars! Costumes need to be brought to the dress rehearsal on January 23rd. Previous homework emails have pictures and costume details. Keep working on those lines and no one is allowed to be sick 😉

Spanish Round Rock and Cedar Park West with Mrs. Lomas)

*K/1 students are learning the days of the week with fun videos and exercises.

*1/2, 3/4 & 5/6 students are learning the days of the week and the months of the year depending on their grade level with exercises and a lot of practice on pronunciation.

Reader’s Theatre: More details to come, but for those performing in a play, the date has been set for Feb.5

Martial Arts: Looking great kiddos! Many students are earning their stripes! Please help us congratulate our students of the month!!! Way to go!

Have a phenomenal rest of the week and weekend! (RR families, we are in session this coming Monday). We appreciate you!
-TREA Teachers