Art and 1/2 Character Building-All Campuses (plus Character Building HW)

It’s perspective week!!

We will be learning about perspective and it’s use In making our artwork come to life.
We will begin by practicing and learning how to draw a box in perspective. Then, move on to our projects.

Perspective is not an easy topic therefore we will be taking it slow.

When a student is finished with the project at hand or needs a break, I have a table set up for art relaxation.

All campuses-
K-1 shapes in perspective-we will learn to draw various geometric shapes in perspective as if they are shooting stars

1-2 bouncy perspective– we will Draw a bouncy house in perspective

Round Rock campus-
3-6 Name in perspective-using mixed media- each student will illustrate their name in perspective using a medium of their choice.

Cedar Park West campus-
3-6 Community in the round-We will draw a cityscape in perspective using watercolor

Cedar Park East campus-
Grades 3–6: A view from below- each student will tell a story by illustrating perspective from below.

RR-1-2 excels at perspective!!!

RECESS- Flashback from the 80s… Chinese jump rope!

Resting at the art relaxation table after a hard class of perspective…

Character Building 1–2
In speaking about grace and compassion this week each student will receive a random acts of kindness board.

I do not expect each square to be completed by next week. But, I would like to see our students look for ways to make somebody else’s day everyday!!

Thank you!
Mrs. L