RR Reader’s Theatre & CPE Communications with Ms. Newell

Note to RR 5/6 parents:
On Monday the 18th in the 5th/6th grade homeroom class, we will have “light” snacks and a white elephant gift exchange to celebrate Christmas. I will have a fruit and veggie tray and students are welcome to bring a snack to share as well. For the white elephant party, students may bring something silly or inexpensive. These things can come from home and don’t need to be purchased.

Regarding the play the kids have been working on, we have gone back and forth about the timing of the performance. We have decided to hold off on performing for an audience until after the new year so that we have more opportunity to go through the entire play at least once before inviting parents. We will have the dates for that performance as soon as possible. See you Monday!

Christa Newell

Monday READER’S THEATRE highlights:
5/6 and 3/4 did run-throughs of the plays that they are working on. K/1 and 1/2 worked on storytelling. After the Christmas break we will make an announcement about when we will be performing the plays for parents.

Wednesday COMMUNICATIONS highlights:
We had a class party for 5/6 and then read Christmas stories and made Christmas cards for the rest of the classes. Thank you for your contributions and gifts! Merry Christmas!