RR Spanish + CPE Wednesday Highlights + (and a big apology from me for the ‘lost’ & late post)

Hello parents! I sincerely apologize for getting this out so late. I was double checking and noticed that class highlights that were supposed to be sent this past Wednesday night, including a Monday post from last week, never showed on the homework blog. I apologize for any inconvenience.

This past week k/1 & 1/2 continued learning greetings and farewells with a fun video exercises and pronunciation. 3/4 & 5/6 continued learning greetings and farewells, practiced pronunciation and played a fun game called (si , no). Homework for this week is to practice the word of the week Buenas noches (good night) in various settings.

RR parents, as a reminder and due to a scheduling conflict with my son’s schedule, I’m not usually on campus first thing but please don’t hesitate to contact me for any reason. I appreciate you notifying me via text of any absences or late arrivals and I forward those to teachers right away.

Also, I just had to share highlights from a live nativity scene in which two of our RR students performed tonight. Mason played Joseph, and Abbey played Mary. It was so precious! Outstanding job kiddos!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director

Wednesday Highlights (12/6)
This past Wed.in en las clase de español :
K/1:– We read a book about math today, Pedro el Gato y las matematicas . Made a collage with some of our comidas favoritas and talked about what we like to eat for la cena at home.
1/2:– Today we practiced our vocabulary words by playing the vocabulary bell game, I dictate words in Spanish and the kids translate them into english. We also read our bilingual book Amos and Boris .

3/4– The kids teamed up into groups of two and competed against each other by properly translating my Spanish dictated words into English. Muy bien estudiantes!!!! Many of our friends earned extra credit points as our winners. We also had the opportunity to sample one of Alainas favorite recetas ( mermelada de fresas) delicioso! Yummy! Thank you Alaina for sharing your receta with the class! Yummy breakfast treat!
5/6- We had several receta presentations today. Drake explained how to make his delicious Spanish style Bocadillos! Zoe Rose brought in her two recetas favoritas, Galletas de Avena y Platano as well as her famous Granola. Mary Jane made her famous Churros that she translated for us last week! Mrs. Turner got to sample some treats as well ! We also taught her some Spanish! The kids also participated in our vocabulary bell game today. No homework this week.

We wrapped up our discussion on thoughts and shifted towards discussion values and how personal values influence our thoughts, feelings, and relationships. This will transition us into the Spring semester as we talk about how our choices in how we communicate should be influenced by our values. 3/4 and 5/6 worked with me on a list of values and each student was given time to evaluate their top values and how they could honor God with them. I was really impressed with the thought and maturity so many put into this topic today!

1/2 and K/1 started to talk about values too, but we approached it by reading a book about different kids from around the world (K/1 started it last week so we finished it up) and we started reading Amos and Boris in K/1 to begin talking about what character traits they possessed and how Amos and Boris communicated with each other to solve problems.
We will finish up Amos and Boris next week!

we observed how air pressure can change, using water and a flame. (We talked about fire safety!) We changed the air pressure in our mouth by using two straws at the same time, one inside, one outside a cup of liquid.

Have a blessed week!