Amazing TREA Highlights from this Monday and Tuesday (12/4 & 12/5)

MARTIAL ARTS with Shihan Yokum:
Monday: We did our fitness basics of push ups, crunches, and three 40 yard sprints (which is the daily homework with the exception of weekends.) The 5th / 6th grade class got into class, listened attentively, and quickly executed instructions so it allowed us time to partner up and practice some martial art techniques for grab releases.
*And congratulations to our accomplished students who earned RR Student of the Month. Dilyn in October and Hudson in November. Outstanding effort! Way to go!


That’s right! As of today, we have seven more shirts displaying new promotions! These kids in the “Rock Warrior”Martial Arts program at the Cedar Park West location are getting hotter than a branding iron in a camp fire. This week we took another opportunity to see who had evolved to a rank higher and then began working on logistics to get the acknowledgement marked on their shirt. The kids are demonstrating motivation and seem to show evidence that more and more are practicing their homework. Their homework is to practice all of their techniques required for their next rank, 20 times per day (excluding weekends.) This will allow ten repetitions per limb. If they have passed an evaluation and have the acknowledgement on their shirt to prove it , they can do ten repitions total instead of 20.

*Congratulations to our CPW November Student of the Month! Way to go Ben!

SCIENCE with Mrs. Cecil:
Monday and Tuesday—we discussed the “formula” plants use to make their own food. We looked at the process of photosynthesis. We covered alive plant leaves with aluminum foil, Saran Wrap, Vaseline, or construction paper with shapes cut out of it. We predicted what process of photosynthesis we are inhibiting and will observe the results next week.

READERS THEATRE with Ms. Newell:
Monday highlights: we kept working on our plays. Each class is getting better and better at the process of learning lines and thinking about stage presence and performance! No homework, except for 3/4 who still need to keep working on their assigned lines.

ART with Mrs. L:
This week in art…
Monday- It’s painting time!!! Each class is working on their mural.
Tuesday– We began our “art in community” series. We discussed ways artists contribute to community through art.
K/1 had time to make sweet cards for our blessing bags this Friday!

*In 1/2 character building we’re discussing being generous with our time. One example I gave was if you’re in the gaga ball pit and you are “it” and there is someone who’s never thrown the ball before, you might let them do it. Joseph today in the gaga ball pit had the ball and he asked if anyone else would like to do it. Then he let a sweet little kindergartner throw the first ball. I was very proud of him.

MUSIC with Mrs. Larsen:
Reminder: the musical is on Jan. 30th!
Here are specific costume ideas:
5/6: Boys: black pants, white button up shirt with collar, vest. Girls: black skirt, white button up collar shirt, vest or scarf.
3/4:Farmer overalls, flannel shirt: optional boots, straw hat, bandana

K-2 sheep costumes (ideas in last email). Hope that helps!
*We had a great week singing Christmas carols, attempting bell choir, nutcracker March. Older grades did a musical run through. Homework:Work on lines, grades 5-6 work on recorder sheep song.

Recess highlights at CPW!

Miriam beats the fifth and sixth graders at gaga ball!


Lost Tuesday Items/

And, our precious youngest ones!

Thank you for allowing us to make create so many wonderful memories of learning with your kiddos!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director