Weekly Highlights & Homework, Musical date change, tuition due next week *please view all

SCIENCE (all locations):
Monday/Tuesday—we discovered how stems are giant “straws” and we changed the color of celery and white mums by using food colored water. Each student used a piece of celery as s straw to drink vitamin water.
3-6- We designed a potato maze/ obstacle course and will watch potatoes grow through the course each week.
Homework: check the green science folder for science worksheet to complete by next week.

Wednesday—we learned that air pressure can be great than water pressure. We observed what happens when a container reaches maximum volume.
Homework: check the lab sheets and make sure they are complete and neat. Experiment with the extension activities on the lab sheet.

Monday & Tuesday with Mrs. Lomas
This week the students learned greetings, watched a video song, practiced pronunciation and written exercises (depending on their grade level). Monday 5/6 also learned pronouns. 5/6 also learned pronouns.
Homework-The word of the week is to practice saying what they’ve learned, specifically Buenos Dias (good morning) with family members and friends.
Wednesday with Mrs. Rodriguez
K/1: We reviewed our comida flashcards and welcomed a new friend Sammy to la clase. Read Nancy La Elegante y la perrita popoff y No te sientes bien, Sam? No homework this week
1/2: We completed a worksheet on items that may be found en la cocina (kitchen) . Also, read Nancy La Elegante y No te sientes bien, Sam?
3/4: The kids completed a worksheet on fruta, and also discussed what fruit may be tropical and our most favorite. We answered questions on what items we use (en la mesa) to eat certain comidas. Also, briefly looked at our food groups in Spanish.
5/6: We enjoyed many treats! Annalei made her famous receta (guacamole) for us during class and instructed us in Spanish every step of the way! Madeline shared her delicious palomitas de chocolate! Bronson brought in his yummy pastelitos de calabaza! We finished it all up with Jackson famous galletas de chocolate!! Wow! Great job estudiantes on translating your recetas! Im very proud of you😊😊😊😊. Thank you mamas for sharing with the clase!
*Please email Mrs. Turner if you would like to sign up to share your receta in December. This is an optional assignment for extra credit points.😊

MARTIAL ARTS with Shihan Yokum (all locations):
Homework is to perform push up, crunch, and sprint exercises daily. We demonstrated and discussed how little time the exercise homework consumes. The pushups can be accomplished in 30 to 45 seconds; the crunches can be performed in 30 to 45 seconds; and the sprints can be achieved in about one and a half minutes. We discussed self discipline in regards to getting their homework accomplished and how that tool will serve them in all aspects of life.
Lessons this day were customized to what was most beneficial to each class. The 3rd and 4th grade class had five students promoted this day. It seems that the students participating in the Tuesday classes have demonstrating a higher percentage of students practicing at home. Some students are beginning to fall behind due to lack of practice. I hope that the pressure of keat eping pace with their peers will cause capable students to become more motivated to do their homework practice.
**please congratulate our student of the month in Martial Arts from the Tuesday campus! Way to go!

I enjoyed substituting at the classes this day. We worked on a variety of martial art subjects. We practiced how to make a fist, how to aim a punching technique, what muscles were primarily used in a punching technique, and used a variety of push up exercises to build punching power. Some seemed very interested in how to build up to doing push ups on their knuckles and finger tips. We were able to isolate a roundhouse kick technique. Proper performance of the kick was practiced in various manners and ways. We discussed the fact that using good manners and respectful behavior is a great first line of self defense but it is not a guarantee that we will not be physically attacked. The lesson of paying attention during all circumstances helps us stay vigilant in keeping ourselves and our family safe. We did discus that running away is a valid self defense tool and is always an option circumstances permit. Overall, students were a joy to teach by demonstrating respectful behaviors of listening and participating to the best of their ability.

READER’S THEATRE, Mon. with Ms. Newell:
All classes continued to work on the play we are doing. 5/6 worked out all of their scenes and how are going to do the play. They are hoping to create some props that are going to probably require some outside work time. So, if your students state that they need boxes or a disco ball or a Christmas tree and you’re willing to share those for their sketch, we would love that.
If a student has brought the script home, they can may work on their scripted part. K/1 doesn’t have any scripted parts while some students from 1/2 chose scripted parts. Next week we will do some of the final organization for these plays and let parents know if/when we are performing them for others to watch.

COMMUNICATIONS, Wed. with Ms. Newell:
We talked about Automatic and Intrusive thoughts with the older classes. In K/1 I read them a book about different cultures and we watched a couple short videos about team work and how to be a kind friend. Next week we will begin shifting all classes towards working on naming our own personal values to prepare us for our Spring semester where we will be learning about how values shape our communication and relationships.

ART (all locations):
This week at each campus, each class, the students continued work on the prisma color projects. If they finished their prisma color projects, they had free time to draw or finish their zentangle projects. Next week we will pick back up with painting our murals. (Mrs. Kaderli subbed Art on Wed. for Mrs. L).

MUSIC, Tues. with Mrs. Larsen

The Boy who Cried wolf Musical will be pushed back one week to Tuesday January 30th!!!! I apologize for any inconveniences.
What: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Musical When: Tuesday January 30th, @ school during character building/lunch (specific details to come) Who: All grades are in the show! Students have the opportunity to wear costumes, as simple or creative as they feel comfortable. Costumes need to be ready for our dress rehearsal January 23rd. Costume Suggestions: Grades k-2: These are the sheep. Below are some links to simple ideas:

Grades 3-4 are the farmers: overalls, flannel shirts, straw hat, boots (we aren’t being true to Greek times perhaps, but forgive us for trying to keep things simple)
Grades 5-6 include the boy and his family. Below Is an idea: white shirts, black vests:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/greekbeauty/6197699806/ *If your child is interested in making/buying a costume, Mrs. Turner found these fairly inexpensive ones from Oriental Trading. The costumes are Lambs for k-2, Greek family for 5/6 and farmers for 3/4. Costumes do not have to be purchased but we thought we’d share these resources.



I apologize for getting these updates out so late in the week! As a reminder, tuition is due next week, as is your $6 to RSVP to make a blessing bag for the homeless. More information/reminders on our community service projects is forthcoming. Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director