Wednesday Highlights (11/8) + more on Art for all campuses

*Apologies for the technical difficulties getting this posted earlier!

What a great week! We started our morning going over our new character trait and verse. Well done to those who took the time to memorize it! We also had worship music by Hillsong projected in the gym and students were encouraged to sing along! The video ended with discussion of the sinners prayer, or ABC prayer. Parents if you have any popular children’s worship songs on DVD you’d like to lend us for praise & worship during morning assembly, please let me know. Thank you!

Here are Homework/Highlights from CPE…

Science with Mrs. Cecil —We used a flame to show how liquids can keep some objects cool. Please reaffirm that students DO NOT PLAY with fire and only conduct experiments when an adult is with them.
We learned that a gas occupies more space than a liquid. We observed that cold air contracts and warm air expands.
Homework: try the “funny money” experiment at home and explain what happens when the cold air warms. Make sure the lab sheets are organized and complete in their science folders.

Also, here is the updated sign up for “Wednesday’s Glad Scientists.” Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet.

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Communications with Mrs. Newell:
The theme verse for today was 1 Corinthians 10:13. We talked about the difference between temptation and sin and how to capture our thoughts so we can choose behaviors that allow us to make healthy/wise decisions.
5/6 and 3/4 had really good discussions about how quickly we can become “unfree” through unhealthy thinking because unfree thoughts lead to giving into temptations and long-term consequences.
1/2 was particularly interested about how giving into the temptation to lie leads to destruction so I told them a story about when I lied as a kid and how it turned into a much bigger/long-term deal than if I had just been brave and told the truth to begin with. In K/1 and 1/2 we read When Sophie Got Angry—Really Really Angry which talks about making healthy choices (turning on our thinking brains) when we are upset. We also read How are You Peeling? in K/1.

En la clase de español:
*Kinder -1/2 grade:
We discussed verduras y frutas today, cut out pictures and glued them under the proper columns on our worksheets ( fruta o verdura? ).
We read (Vamos a Comer) in Kinder/1st and continued our story (Robertos trip to The Top ) in 1/2. No homework this week! Gracias.
*3/4- 5/6 grade:
3/4 completed pages 64 & 65 ( En el restaurante) in the workbook today. We will finish page 64 together next week during class.
5/6 discussed ( me gusta y no me gusta) for our favorite comida today, pages 17-20. We also discussed our receta favorita. For extra points during November and December they may translate their favorite recipe (food only) directions are optional, and present it to the class in Spanish. Some kiddos would like to bring in their dish to share with the class. Please email Mrs. Turner if you would like to sign up for a Wednesday in November or December. This is an optional assignment, please do not feel obligated to complete. Students will earn extra points for this project. Gracias!
Maria Rodriguez

P.E. with Mrs. Kaderli-
Ask your kiddo/s about ‘turtle tag’. We had so much fun with this warm-up game. Then we continued with soccer and agility games, followed by stretch time on our exercise mats, allowing us to calm our minds and bodies. Next week, each class will have a turkey trot during P.E. so please make sure your child is dressed appropriately. Thank you!

Art with Mrs. L:
(All art all campuses)
This week at all campuses we have introduced a new medium. We are working with Prismacolor colored pencils. They’re different from your ordinary colored pencils as the pigments are richer and their blend-ability is much better. When blended they can look like paint. They are the perfect medium for young artists as they have a lot of the abilities of paint yet they’re easier to do detailed work with. Easier to master and quicker than paint. We also discussed their ability to be both translucent and Opaque. The students tried out various methods and techniques. Next week we will begin our larger projects which are class and campus specific.

Many kids asked where I got them. I bought our prisma colors on Amazon. It was much less expensive than hobby lobby. Our special paper I bought at Jerry’s Artarama DownSouth. They have better prices than hobby lobby as well.

5/6 leaning about prismacolors!

Also, mark your calendar’s for Friday, December 1 from 10-12! We are gathering together at the Tuesday campus for a family fun run and community service project to make blessing bags for the homeless. More details to come soon, but feel free to start collecting any items at your homes you’d like to donate, such as travel wet wipes, toothbrushes/toothpaste, handwarmers, socks, gloves, warmer clothing items, etc. and bags to package them in. I will be sending out a more detailed list of ideas, but if you’re interested in helping with this event please contact Mrs. Turner directly. Thank you and have a wonderful (and warm) rest of the week!