Wednesday CPE highlights (11/15)

We began the day with a beautiful and persuasive student led message in assembly, incorporating our monthly character trait of generosity and our scripture verse. How awesome is she!!!

5/6 and 3/4 All studied 2 Corinthians 10:5 and talked about how unrealistic thoughts could lead to disobedience and could prevent us from knowing God better. We also talked about the parable of the talents and how the third man had unrealistic thinking about his boss that led to disbelief in his master’s character (proven by the incongruence between the servant’s claims about his master’s character and his chosen behaviors after receiving the money).

1/2 and K/1 watched a story about Howard Wigglebottom and we talked about what he learned in the stories and compared how his fearful thoughts led to different behaviors than his trusting/brave thoughts. In K/1 they were all tired and crabby so we also played a game called Starfish (I don’t think it’s a real game, my sister made it up and we both use it to calm our kids down). I quietly sang different animals for them to mimic but the starfish has to be quiet and still.
-In all classes we shared one thing we were thankful and talked about how gratefulness reshapes our brains. We also prayed in each class to thank God for his generosity to us.

SCIENCE with Mr. Cecil:
We had some fun cranberry experiments. We also learned how air pressure can affect water pressure and other objects at rest.

ART with Mrs. L:
All Art classes are now beginning their prisma color projects this week. We will continue these projects after thanksgiving break.
K-1 Are studying lizard and snake eyes. Reptilian eyes are very different from human eyes.

1-2 Are studying lizard and snake eyes. Reptilian eyes are very different from human eyes.
3-4 how to draw an owl to be followed by applying prismacolor.
5-6 how to draw a dragon to be followed by applying prismacolor.

SPANISH with Mrs. Rodriguez:
Today en la clase de español
K/1: We discussed our favorite verduras, cut them out and glued them onto our dinner plate. Read a book ( Corre Perro Corre) and translated words from our story into english together.
1/2: We finished our bilingual book ( Robertos trip to the top). We also discussed what verduras y frutas are our favorite. Learned the proper translation for desayuno, almuerzo y la sena. Also, added our favorite comida to pages 60 and 61 in the workbook.
3/4: We completed find the items en la cocina worksheet. Discussed our favorite receta, and had fun filling our refrigerador with our favorite comida! Labeling our food items in spanish as well. Feliz cumpleaños Cara and Nora! Gracias for the donuts!
5/6: We heard two presentations from our classmates today, the kiddos translated their favorite receta into Spanish and read the directions on how to make their favorite dish! Great job Mary Jane and Jackson! Great Spanish pronunciation kids ! We also practiced small dialogue with each other on what we like to eat for desayuno, almuerzo y sena. Me gusta ( I like). Students, great job reading in Spanish! I am very proud of you! *No homework this week!
Happy Thanksgiving!

PE with Mrs. Kaderli:
All classes did an outdoor turkey trot and/or some “Feather” relay runs, followed by some well-deserved free play. Kiddos were encouraged to find a turkey trot to run with the family over Thanksgiving, or create their own jogging/walking path.


As a reminder there are no classes next week and we will return on Wednesday, November 29.

We are so thankful for our TREA families and pray you have a wonderful holiday!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director