Tuesday CPW Highlights (11/14)

ART with Mrs. L:
All classes are beginning their prisma color projects this week. We will continue these projects after Thanksgiving break.
K-1 Learning to draw a globe.
1-2 Studying lizard and snake eyes. Reptilian eyes are very different from human eyes.
3-4 Learning to draw the illusion of bubbles.
5-6 Taking a cue from science class we will be drawing metamorphic portraits using differing leaves.

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
K/1 & 1/2 learned basic shapes and made a turkey with the shapes.


3/4 & 5/6 learned shapes with examples around the room, drew a picture and played matching game with shapes.
5/6 also learned Thanksgiving vocabulary.

MARTIAL ARTS with Shihan Yokum:
In addition to the Martial Arts instruction, kiddos enjoyed a turkey trot along the beautiful dirt path on the church property. They also learned fun facts about what turkeys are called through the phases of life, and the four types of turkeys in North America. Ask your student what they remember! (Hint-One type of North American turkey is called a Miriam, just like one of our sweet students).

SCIENCE with Mrs. Cecil:
All grades hypothesized if a cranberry would float. We opened cranberries and looked inside to see why they float. We also discussed our best blessings, wrote them on leaves and then attached the leaves to a blessing branch. These branches will remind us to remember to count all of the blessings we can over the thanksgiving break.

MUSIC with Mrs. Larsen:
All classes played musical chairs but grades 3-6 played recorders for the class when they got “out.”. Grades K-2 musically made stone soup while hearing the story, using rhythm sticks, drums, bells, etc.
*Recorder homework is always 5 minutes each school day.. Grades 5/6 focus on last line of Lamb’s Pastorale. Grades 3/4 have a new recorder sheet of playing C’s.
Happy Thanksgiving, use the break to start working on costumes and finish memorizing lines!
*If your child is interested in making/buying a costume, Mrs. Turner found these fairly inexpensive ones from Oriental Trading. The costumes are Lambs for k-2, Greek family for 5/6 and farmers for 3/4. Costumes do not have to be purchased but we thought we’d share these resources.

5/6 Character Building read the Legend of the Bluebonnet and discussed what possessions we would be willing to share/give up.

And let’s not forget recess fun in the Gaga pit-

Thanksgiving Break
We will be on break Tues. 11/21. Classes will resume November 28. We pray each and every one of our families has a restful and joyful Thanksgiving. May the Lord bless each of you!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director