Monday Highlights (11/13)

5/6 continued to write out our Christmas skit.
3/4 continued to work on reading through their scripts. In the next two weeks we will be starting to talk about bringing in props. Students need to keep working on their lines!
1/2 did a great job getting through our script that I introduced. We are acting our Shel Silverstein’s Giraffe and a Half. Each narrator should have gotten a copy of the script. Those who are not narrators do not need their own personal printed off, but knowing the flow of the characters and their timing will be good, so I will send an email with the script and assignments this week.
K/1 worked on their script based on the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Each student has been assigned a role. I will also get those sent out soon. There are no lines to be memorized!
(Ms. Newell)

All ART classes are beginning their prisma color projects this week. We will continue these projects after Thanksgiving break.
Round Rock:
Learning how to draw an owl, continuing to make them extremely colorful.
1-2, 3-4
Studied lizard and snake eyes. Reptilian eyes are very different from human eyes.
Learning to draw the illusion of bubbles.

1/2 Character Building made bracelets with 4 different color beads. Each one representing a different concept that we are grateful for this holiday season.
(Mrs. L)

SCIENCE: Monday—all grades— hypothesized if a cranberry would float. We opened cranberries and looked inside to see why they float. We discussed our best blessings, wrote them on leaves and then attached the leaves to a blessing branch. These branches will remind us to remember to count all of the blessings we can over the Thanksgiving break.

(Mrs. Cecil)

Monday homework (all classes):
Some students are losing data because their papers have not been put into their brads. Parents, please check your children’s PE folders and help them get their papers in the center brads. Each student from Monday’s location has a number of push-ups, crunches and 40 yard dash time. This week we should be doing 5 more push-ups than what’s written down (or more), two more crunches than is written down (or more) and three 40 yard sprints.
On a personal note I did receive a couple of gifts at work powerful to my heart today. There is evidence that written words can be even more powerful than expensive gifts. Leading these kids in this community is an awesome part of my life.

(Shihan Yokum)
Love the kindergarten drawings in their folders!

We also enjoyed a turkey trot during recess!
Grades K-2

Grades 3-6

ENJOY Thanksgiving Break-
We will be off the week of Monday, November 20. Happy Thanksgiving!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director