Monday and Tuesday highlights (11/6 and 11/7)

Hello parents! I have had some technical difficulties with the homework blog but hopefully everything will be working for you from this point forward. Again, if you are not receiving highlights from each campus each week and you have checked your spam box, please let me know. Below is a post from last week. I apologize for the delay.

Thank you for donations of toothpaste, toothbrushes and Halloween candy for children in Central America. I am impressed with your generosity! If your child donated candy and did not yet receive a prize, Mrs.Turner will have the prize box again next week. Donations will be accepted through the 15th of November.

As a reminder, there will be no classes on November 20, 21 and 22. We will have a Turkey Trot at the beginning of each recess next week! Please make sure your child is in tennis shoes (with laces that will stayed tied).

Here’s our Monday and Tuesday highlights from last week…

Monday Communication with Ms. Newell
*5/6 finished working on their scenes this week so we will begin script writing this next week
*3/4 did another read through of the Play they’re working on. They should all be working on memorizing their lines.
*1/2 and K/1 did improv and acting games and next week we will start scripts next week the scenes they’re going to start working on.

Monday/Tuesday Science with Mrs. Cecil-
K-2—we explored how seeds disperse (water, wind, or hitchhiker). Homework: complete the seed travel booklet and bring back to class in green science folder.
3-6—we discussed seed dispersement and why certain plants would use their dispersion method. Homework: complete seed travel lab sheet or draw 3 different examples of seed dispersement (water, wind, hitchhiker). Make sure this is returned in green science folder.
Next week—fruit and veggie feast?!

Monday Music with Mrs. Larsen:
Grades 3-6 should be practicing their recorders 5 minutes/school day. They should also be memorizing lines.
K-2 worked on our songs and played drums. ***See last week’s email about the musical schedule and costumes.
5/6 Character Building discussed cheerful giving and read about an example of that: Squanto. I’m proud of 5/6 for reciting their poems to the other classes!

Martial Arts with Shihan Yokum:
*Monday: we tested our 40 yard Sprint time. Homework -do a 40 yard Sprint 3 times each day. That is in addition to the number of push-ups they achieved in their test + 5, and the number of crunches they did in their test plus one.
*Tuesday-students had the opportunity to be reevaluated for their first stripe. Several were promoted; for those students promoted please make sure they bring an extra shirt school on Tuesday so we can put a stripe on their school shirt to acknowledge the promotion. Some students that have been promoted were able to begin working on their new set of techniques. Homework-for Tuesday’s class or two do all techniques for their next test 20 times each day; this should gift each one 10 times with each arm or leg.

Spanish with Mrs. Lomas:
-K/1 we made color flash cards.
-1/2 & 3/4 we also made color flash cards and played a game to practice the colors.
-5/6 practices colors, vocabulary and played a game to enforce what we’re learning.

Art with Mrs. L:
All classes observed various artwork created with prismacolors, including Mrs. L’s – realism, animals mixed media scenery, abstracts and portraits. Then, they created their own!

Also, mark your calendar’s for Friday, December 1 from 10-12! We are gathering together at the Tuesday campus for a family fun run and community service project to make blessing bags for the homeless. More details to come soon, but feel free to start collecting any items at your homes you’d like to donate, such as travel wet wipes, toothbrushes/toothpaste, handwarmers, socks, gloves, warmer clothing items, etc. and bags to package them in. I will be sending out a more detailed list of ideas, but if you’re interested in helping with this event please contact Mrs. Turner directly. Thank you and have a wonderful (and warm) rest of the week!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director