TREA CPW- Tuesday 10/31/17 highlights

On October 31…

K-2—we dissected seeds that have begun to grow roots and leaves. We made seedling finger puppets. Some k-2 choose to take home seedlings and experiment with where they grow best.
3-6—we prepared seedlings for an experiment discovering where the seeds will best grow. The students have a chart to keep record of their findings. We completed a seed booklet which was a big listening skills challenge. We worked in the tower garden, balancing the water and checking on the seedlings and plants.
Homework: check seedlings everyday and chart their growth. Try different types of seeds in different places.

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
K/1 -we took a nature walk to observe ‘colores’ in the great outdoors; played a matching color game and watched a video. Grades 3-6 also watched videos about colors and practiced with some excersises, vocabulary and pronunciation..

ART with Mrs. L:
Pumpkin painting with opaques and translucents. Ask your kiddo the difference!


Building Compassion in 1/2 Character Building:

Plus some 1-2 recess fun:

The Gaga Pit!

MARTIAL ARTS with Shihan Yokum:
Today was a most magnificent day! We had some shirts qith the promotions on them and ready to wear. Additionally, as class was finishing up with the 2nd and 3rd graders one of them asked, “Shihan, can we pray before we finish?” I do not recall when a child of this age (other than one of my children) has asked if we could pray together. Well my heart smiled as big as the whole sky and I began with delight a pre prayer interview. Not a one had to wonder what they had on their heart for this prayer. I lead them to use our breathing tool for this prayer; asking each one to envision their prayer request happening, asking them to imagine what the fulfillment of that prayer request might feel like for the person or people involved, and asking them to imagine how their faith of that prayer request working might feel like to God. I guided them to imagine their prayer coming together while we breathed in for a count of four, then as we held that breath for a count of four to imagine them embracing that prayer in a big hug; then we began our eight count to send that to God in a confident and powerful manner. I informed them that I would be contributing a big red bow for the delivery of their prayers to be sent with them. It was amazing. Much gratitude to Mrs. Turner for creating The Rock Enrichment to facilitate learning in this kind of environment and to the teachers here that consciously contribute to the fulfillment of it all.

For practice counting in Japanese…

And our precious Pre-K:

We love our TREA kiddos! Parents, we are working on correcting the SignMeUp link for science. Thanks for your patience there, and music highlights are forthcoming in another post. As a reminder, tuition is officially due next week. Thanks for all the support and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Angela Turner, Director