TREA CPE – Wednesday highlights

Science with Mrs. Cecil:
K-6—We explored how air occupies space.
K-4—We reviewed thermodynamics with hot and cold water.
5-6–We caused a chemical reaction and demonstrated the off-gas.
HOMEWORK: Check through the lab sheets in their green science folder and make sure all lab sheets are filed (one lab sheet, front/back, each week of school.) Each lab-sheet should be complete with their supplies, hypothesis, conclusion and drawing of each experiment. Science folders that have complete and organized lab sheets will be rewarded!

Communications with Ms. Newell:
5/6- We took the verses that Kids brought in from homework and used them to examine if thinking based on the wisdom in scripture would allow us to live spiritually free or spiritually unfree. The concept of spiritually free/unfree is something we talk a lot about in Character Building: are the things that I am doing/thinking enhancing my ability to be free in Christ/walk in the Spirit or are they bringing me further into bondage/being unfree. Thoughts lead us towards being free or unfree.
3/4– We had a very similar foundation for our conversation, but as 3/4 is prone to do, we had an enhanced discussion. Several kids brought up great points about the fact that being “free” provides growth opportunities because being free/walking in the Spirits results in humble thinking and a willingness to learn which leads to maturity. We talked about what maturity looks like, how we can have mature thought processes, and how to foster growth.

1/2 -I thought I’d have to stick to the more Kindergarten side of things but they took the subject and ran with it. They came up with a list of unhealthy thoughts vs healthy (instead of free/unfree) and talked about how unhealthy is walking in untruth and truthful thinking isn’t always positive (false positive) but realistic. This class brought some great verses and so many were ready to learn! We also read the book When Pigs Fly about how to use positive thinking that make smart decisions.
K/1 – we read two books on thinking and talked about Loving thoughts vs Grouchy thoughts and came up with some ideas about how to kindly share when we are having grouchy thoughts.
*No Communications homework for any grades.

P.E. with Mrs. Kaderli:
We began a new unit after a great Sep./Oct. with team building exercises and obstacle courses. In November, we will focus on agility with soccer drills. Your child is welcome to bring his/her soccer ball all month.

Hola! Today in Spanish:
We began our study in la comida (food). Discussed and looked at the different comidas we had packed in our lunch today, and reviewed this months vocabulary list with our Spanish flashcards (list came home in the red folder). We also continued reading this months bilingual book (Amos and Boris).
Today we enjoyed Pan dulce (spanish sweet bread or pastry) brought in by Molly (gracias!) It was yummy! We briefly discussed the culture and this traditional desert eaten in Mexico during the celebration of dia de los muertos, where loved ones that have passed on are remembered. We began reading a bilingual story (Robertos Trip to the Top) and discussed this months vocabulary words (in red folder) – la comida.
3/4 & 5/6:
This months theme will be focused around comida; we discussed our favorites, practiced saying them in Spanish and wrote our vocabulary words in the red spiral notebook. The kids also created their own plate with some of their (comida favorita). Extra credit for November and December, start thinking about your favorite receta (recipe) and what (ingredientes) it consists of. Can you translate your recipe into Spanish? If you are up to the challenge see me next week during class. Please finish writing your words in the red spiral notebook for homework this week. Gracias!
Maria Rodriguez

Art with Mrs. L:
We learned more about acrylic and paints, specifically translucent and opaque. Your kiddo painted a pumpkin, gourd or other piece of fruit. Ask your student/s if they can tell you whether something is translucent or opaque.

We cherish time with our TREA kiddos! Parents, we are working on correcting the SignMeUp link for science donations. Thanks for your patience there. If you did not pay tuition this week, you officially have until the 10th before it’s considered late. Candy and toothbrush/toothpaste donations will be accepted through 15 November. Thanks for all the support and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Angela Turner, Director