CPW Music classes 10/31 + upcoming Winter Musical in January

Tuesday Music Highlights…
We played and sang “pass the pumpkin,” and older grades played recorder solos when the pumpkin landed on them. Younger grades added music instruments to the story, Pumpkin soup.
*5/6 Character Building memorized the poem “No Difference” by Shel Silverstein and will recite it as a class during morning devotional next week. Reciting at home is also encouraged 🙂

*Recorder at home:
5 minutes a day goes a long way!
3/4 “Toot, toot” and new page “Merrily”
5/6 continue Lamb’s Pastoral

Mark your calendars….

What: The Boy Who Cried Wolf Musical
When: Tuesday January 23, @ school during character building/lunch (specific details to come)
Who: All grades are in the show!
Students have the opportunity to wear costumes, as simple or creative as they feel comfortable. Costumes need to be ready on Jan 9.
Costume Suggestions:
Grades k-2: These are the sheep. Below are some links to simple ideas:

Grades 3-4 are the farmers: overalls, flannel shirts, straw hat, boots (we aren’t being true to Greek times perhaps, but forgive us for trying to keep things simple)
Grades 5-6 include the boy and his family. Below Is an idea: white shirts, black vests:

Have fun with this!

And have a great week!
Mrs. Larsen