TREA RR- Monday highlights

K-2—we dissected seeds that have begun to grow roots and leaves. We made seedling finger puppets. Some k-2 choose to take home seedlings and experiment with where they grow best.
3-6—we prepared seedlings for an experiment discovering where the seeds will Best grow. The students have a chart to keep record of their findings. We completed a seed booklet which was a big listening skills challenge. We worked in the tower garden, balancing the water and checking on the seedlings and plants.
Homework: check seedlings everyday and chart their growth. Try different types of seeds in different places.

COMMUNICATIONS with Mrs. Newell:
*5/6th needs to brainstorm another 4 days for the 12 Days of Christmas skit they’re writing.
*3/4 was sent home with scripts for their play they’re working on. Each person has an assigned part at this point, so they can begin working on their lines and thinking about how they’d dress for this part.
*1/2 and K/1 spent class time brainstorming about what types of plays they’d like to perform. We talked about book characters and movies that have scenes with lots of people/characters.
-1/2 did a MUCH better job listening and participating this week!

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas:
K/1 -we took a nature walk to observe ‘colores’, played a matching color game and watched a video. And for the other grades, we also watched videos about colors and practiced with some excersises, vocabulary and pronunciation.

MARTIAL ARTS with Shihan Yokum:
Homework announcement-
Since the very first day of class the homework assignment was to get the pieces of paper into the brads of the students’ orange folders. For students who do not have clasps, that task would be impossible (and understood.) There are still a number of students who have not done this, so notes from class are getting lost. On Monday we tested abdomen strength using crunches. By now we should be doing four more push-ups daily then the test numbers. Please add to that, the number of crunches on the test for each student (to be done daily.) Here’s a little extra for vocabulary practice too-

ART with Mrs. L:
Everyone had a nice, relaxing, creative day painting our pumpkins. While painting today we discussed paints that are opaque versus translucent. Try asking your students if they can tell you whether something is translucent or Opaque.

We also enjoyed some creative birthday treats and a scavenger hunt at recess!

We love our TREA kiddos! Parents, we are working on correcting the SignMeUp link for science. Thanks for your patience there, and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Angela Turner, Director