TREA Wednesday Highlights (+ Martial Art HW that wasn’t included with Tuesday’s)

SPANISH with Mrs. Rodriguez:
We started another bilingual book today on finding friendships in unlikely places (mouse and whale) Amos and Boris.
We also practiced our vocabulary words on el cuerpo, by translating them onto our individual whiteboards after I dictated them in Spanish.
1/2-5/6 grades:
The kiddos had their end of the month vocabulary memory jogger on all spanish vocabulary words learned this month. They all did a great job! Kiddos I will bring your extra points next week!

Maria Rodriguez

COMMUNICATIONS with Mrs. Newell:
We read The Thinks You Can Think in K/1 and 1/2.
We talked about Philippians 4:8 in all classes and talked about negative thoughts, positive thoughts, and realistic thoughts. We came up with different scenarios and talked about how positive thoughts are different than truthful/realistic thinking and how if we apply the biblical standard (true, noble, admirable, lovely, pure) that we can still be honest and experience sadness or being grumpy but honor God through choosing honesty about our thoughts and feelings and choosing kind behavior even in those moments.
*Homework for all classes is to find a verse that addresses our thoughts. This can include anything about how we are to think, what we are to believe, or how our thoughts impact our attitudes, words, or actions. They don’t need to memorize it but they can write it down or mark it in their Bible and bring that with them.
We are going to spend the next few weeks taking about thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors.

SCIENCE with Mrs. Cecil:
K-2 – Warm molecules rise and move faster. Cold molecules move slowly and “sink.”
3-6 – We combined what we have been learning about density and molecules by experimenting with hot and cold liquids. The students hypothesized what would happen when liquids of different temperatures were combined in different ways.
PLEASE CHECK OVER YOUR STUDENT’s lab sheets and encourage them to continue to take good notes with each experiment. Students are doing a great job of completing and filing their lab sheets and trying the extension experiments at home. Thank you!

ART with Mrs. L:
It was too cold to paint this morning, so, we had fun zentangling a pumpkin.

Still working on our enlarging for our mural. And a little bit of Zentangle.
Character building 1/2
Compliments with humility.
We practiced complimenting others on their paintings and then saying thank you with humility; attributing our success to others and those who have helped us, including God.

Parents, if you have any small pumpkins you’d be willing to donate for Art classes next week, in addition to any acrylic or craft paint, we would greatly appreciate it. (There are $1 small pumpkins at Walmart). Gourds would be fun too. Thank you!

We are so proud of our students who came forward to pray during assembly. Look at all the K/1 students who did an amazing job stepping forward! Thank you parents for joining us in prayer!

Have a blessed rest of the week and I’ll see you in November. Yes, next Wednesday is November 1 (can you believe it? And it also marks the tuition due date.)

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director

Here’s more from Shihan Yokum for ALL MARTIAL ARTS classes:
Tuesday we had several kids pass evaluations and get promoted. We will have pictures to follow. Those that were promoted can begin practicing the next material. A great place to start is Japanese words for left (which is hidari) and right (pronounced migi.) Homework -continue practicing all techniques responsible for their upcoming evaluation and remember “dojo kun” number one along with counting to ten in Japanese. During evaluations on Tuesday, many of the kids had techniques that would pass the test but could not count to 10 in Japanese yet. We will continue to practice that in class as well.
For PE on Monday we will test ab strength. Thank you!