More weekly highlights (Music CPW & Art all campuses)

MUSIC (Tues): (I apologize to you all and Mrs. Larsen for any delays as I thought I had already sent this).
Music classes this week:
5/6 recorder homework: practice the first line of Lamb’s Pastorale.
3/4 recorder homework: practice B A Giraffe
Grades 3-6 learn your lines!!! Always bring your scripts to class (and recorders!).

RR Art
We got our enlarging done and we start acrylic on Monday. (I didn’t get enough video, but here is Mrs. L showing off her many talents. We love you Mrs. L!)

Yippee!!! We started our acrylic painting of our murals. There are three murals in all, and each campus is working on different parts of the 3 different murals. Everyone appeared to enjoy the relaxing painting in the sun.
Don’t worry about smocks we have plenty. A big thank you to everyone who has donated🤗
Mrs L

Here are photos from Wed!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director