TREA RR & CPW Highlights (Mon. & Tues.)

Hello Parents,
You are invited join us next week at 9 am for morning prayer! We want to circle up and stand united as we cover our students, families, teachers and school grounds with prayer. See you around the flag!! All are welcome!

Below are some highlights from what your children learned within each class this week. Thanks for your support in partnering with us and for sharing your precious kiddos with us each week!

SCIENCE with Mrs. Cecil-
Monday science—we discussed how trees are plants. We estimated and measured the trees outside ages. We made leaf and bark rubbings and discussed differences and similarities between trees and other plants.

Tuesday science—we brainstormed the differences between trees and flowers and bushes. We went outside and made leaf and bark rubbings, sharing the different types we found. 5/6 CPE planted “Audrey”, our “pet” onion plant, and the green pepper seedlings someone brought from home.

READER’S THEATRE with Ms. Newell-
Monday we started working towards more scripted acting and working in pairs. We also played “hot potato” but turned it into an acting game.

SPANISH with Mrs. Lomas
This week students were working on more numbers. K/1 & 1/2 learned from 1-20. We practiced with excersises and a bingo game; the kids helped me call out the numbers.
3/4 & 5/6 learned from 1-75 with some exercises, a bingo game and a memory game. The kids were extra awesome this week!!

ART– painting began in all grades!

MARTIAL ARTS with Shihan
Ready to count in Japanese!

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director