TREA highlights, Wednesday CPE 10/11

Communications with Ms. Newell: We talked more about stress. We talked about how God made us “tri-lateral” possessing Body, Mind, and Spirit and how all three of those things influence experiencing stress or mitigating stress. Next will be rounding out our stress lessons by talking about how we can still honor God when stressed and how we can choose to not stress about things that we can’t control.

Science with Mrs. Cecil: We discussed and observed water pressure. We also made raisins “dance” by observing how carbonated fluids form gas bubbles and make the raisins “dance” up and down in a cup. Some fluids worked better than others. The students were challenged to try different objects and fluids at home and to scientifically explain what is happening to their family. They were also challenged to note “density” in every day objects.

P.E. with Mrs. Kaderli: Younger grades worked on lateral movements, grooving to the right and left with some fun music. Check out K/1 below! All classes participated in obstacle course challenges, engaging muscles from head to toe while enforcing coordination and teamwork.

Hola! En Espanol
This week in kinder we had fun labeling our body parts worksheet and pasting them onto construction paper. We reviewed our calendar in Spanish, and started a new bilingual storybook ( Robertos trip to the top) . No homework this week! Gracias!

We had fun today talking about and expressing our emociones in Spanish! The kiddos also filled in a worksheet with facial expressions! We wrapped up our storybook from last week( Mud Tacos). The kids also completed page 31 in the workbook. No homework this week! Gracias!

The kiddos practiced this months vocabulary words by cutting out and labeling in Spanish a ( mi cuerpo) worksheet. Complete page 51 in the workbook for homework this week, to earn extra points! Gracias!

We had fun completing a worksheet about our cuerpo (body) and our salud (health). I challenged the students to read each question as it was listed in Spanish. Mostly all the students were up for the challenge! Great Spanish pronunciation students! They read and answered the questions in Spanish as well! Thank you all! I really appreciate all your eagerness to learn in my class! They completed and competed against each other on who could find the most Spanish words on a (salud) word search. Great job estudiantes!

Have a wonderful fin de semana!
Maria Rodriguez

Art: We finally started our enlarging! Everyone got a good taste of how to enlarge a picture using a grid. Each student is enlarging their individual piece of the mural in pencil before they start painting. Next week is acrylic paint for the classes that have completed the sketching phase.
3/4 please try the enlarging worksheet this weekend so that we will be ready next week.
Thanks for all the smocks. If anyone has more, go ahead and and send them!!

We hope you have an incredible rest of the week and weekend!

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director