This Week at TREA CP West

5/6 were handed their scripts with their parts for “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”. Homework: Do not lose scripts! Bring them to class each week. Memorize lines for scene 2. Practice recorder packet 5 minutes each school day.
3/4 will receive scripts next week, but also need to practice recorders 5 minutes each school day.
Grades k-2 danced on felt squares that kept getting folded smaller to reinforce respecting personal space. We also worked on rhythm and our musical songs.

5/6 Character Building: We discussed humility and read “Delia’s Dull Day” and drew pictures to remind ourselves to look up at all the blessings in our lives. Parents who have interest in helping with our musical costumes please let me know. Thanks!

Homework for Martial Arts is to do all techniques reviewed 10 times daily. On the list is: front kick, head punch, head block, walking in sanchin stance, counting to ten in Japanese, and memorize Dojo Kun. Dojo kun #1 is “be always courteous and humble.”
Also, please congratulate our Cedar Park West Student of the Month for September, Aleyna. Great job Aleyna!!

In Kindergarten we discussed how to enlarge a picture using a grid. There was an overall consensus that they craved Zentangle time. They listened patiently to the lesson so, I brought out the Zentangle pens and everyone had a Zentangle a good time. Next week we will enlarge our parts of the mural.
Grades 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6:
We finally started our enlarging! Everyone got a good taste of how to enlarge a picture using a grid. Each student is enlarging their individual piece of the mural in pencil before they start painting. Next week is acrylic paint. Thanks for all the smocks. If anyone has more, go ahead and and send them!!

In Science, we discussed how trees were plants too.. We estimated a tree’s age. Then the students made a “tree,” labeling the parts of a tree. Homework: take a look at the trees in your yard and make a logical estimation of their age. ID the trees in your yard. Are they deciduous or evergreen?


Blessings, Angela Turner, Director