This Week at TREA CPE (Wednesday)

We explored densities of liquids and hypothesized what a boiled and raw egg would do in each solution. We learned that a potato piece would float in a solution of sugar water but we could suspend it in the same solution if we added more water. The kids were challenged to test the solutions with other objects, like apples or oranges. They were challenged to find an opportunity to use the work “density” at home this week.

We talked about stress, what triggers stress and how to work through it. We also highlighted “good” stress and “bad” stress.
I gave the example of a hammer hitting a nail into a fence as an example of “good” stress because the nail goes into the wood and holds the fence together while a nail smashed into the concrete would break the nail. Similarly, we can either let stress hurt us or motivate us. We also made stress balls to use as a physical tool when needing to calm down and focus and activate our thinking brains.

Although we miss Mrs. Kaderli, it was a treat to have Shihan Yokum teach basic self defense and situational awareness. In some classes, the stress balls made in Communications were used to test and enhance hand / eye coordination.

Today we begin our review of ( mi cuerpo), this month’s vocabulary list can be found in the red folder. We also learned a new song ( head, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish). I made the kids go super fast!!!! We had lots of fun singing!!! The kiddos colored in their cuerpo in their Spanish workbook as well. Ven Gatita Ven, is our bilingual story this week. No homework! Gracias!

Emociones and mi cuerpo will be our study this month. Our vocabulary list as well as a picture of mi cuerpo can be found in the red folder. We also learned a new song ( head, shoulders, knees and toes in Spanish) I made the kids go super fast!!!! We had lots of fun singing!!! Mud tacos is our bilingual story this week. No Homework! Gracias!

The kiddos will be learning about nuestro cuerpo y emociones this month, they have begun practicing this months vocabulary words by writing them in the red spiral notebook. We also filled in this months calendario, Octubre. Kiddos, if you would like extra points this week complete the pages we started working on during class, pages 49 and 50 for homework. Gracias estudiantes!

El cuerpo humano , mis emociones y el verbo gustar ( I like) will be our topics this month. The kiddos wrote this months vocabulary words in their red spiral notebook and completed a word search on body parts. Complete for homework for extra points estudiantes. We also filled in this months calendario, Octubre. Have a great weekend ninos!!!!!
Hasta Pronto!
Mrs. Rodriguez

We “Zentangled” – 3/4 even had some extra time at the end of the day!

And…one of our 6th graders, Annalei Russell, participated in a Harvey relief work day organized by her old church in Houston. She helped clean out the house of an 84 year old widow named Mrs. Darby. Mrs. Darby and her daughter (Perita) and great-grand daughter were stranded in their home for 2 days during the Harvey flooding. Annalei had the sad task of helping throw away most of what they owned.

Annalei has a goal to raise $1,000 for Mrs. Darby. The funds will be used to help replace their lost items. She is accepting cash and gift cards (Walmart, JC Penny, Target, Visa), which can be dropped off next Wednesday in the gym.. Or donations can be made through the website:

In addition to this, in several months, Annalei’s family will be collecting used furniture they will drive to Houston to help furnish Mrs. Darby’s home. Thank you so much for considering helping Mrs. Darby! I am amazed at the servant heart our TREA kiddos have!

Thanks for your support with everything parents! I appreciate you all so very much! Have a wonderful weekend!

Angela Turner, Director