More from CPW (Music) & Spanish with Mrs. Lomas (RR & CPW)

Music with Mrs. Larsen:
We’ve jumped right into learning songs from our musical, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” In the next few weeks we will start assigning speaking parts, solos, etc. Students in older grades will have opportunities to “audition” by reading lines and singing. Grades 3-6 should always bring recorders each week. They brought home a music packet and were assigned the first practice page, playing B’s (this is review for some, but we are working on musicianship and following our conductor).

Spanish with Mrs. Lomas-
The past 2 weeks we were working on the alphabet and initial sounds. The kids were very surprised that the Spanish alphabet had 29 letters including ch, ll, n. We had a good week and are staring this next week with “My familia” (My family).

Have a great weekend!
Angela Turner, Director