TREA CPE-Wednesday Highlights

ART – We had a lot of fun Wednesday exploring elements of light. I read from “The gardens of Abdul Gasazi”, by Chris Van Allsburg. His illustrations are perfect examples of all the elements we have been working with this week and will continue to work with throughout the year.
I told our students if they have an opportunity to pick up one of Chris Van Allsburg’s books, Jumanji, Polar express, etc. They can look at them and try to identify those elements.
Next week we will begin the drawing portion for our mural. Please begin to bring in smocks or old T-shirts so that when we get to the acrylic painting part we don’t make too big a mess.
Have fun, that’s your homework!!!
Mrs. L

SCIENCE—We explored how surfactants break the surface tension of water molecules. We discovered how water molecules “stick” together. We recorded our predictions and our results. Homework: “teach” your family or a friend— use the lab sheets from class to extend any of the experiments we have discovered so far and explain what happened and why.
Mrs. Cecil

Today we talked about other places in the world where they speak Spanish. A map of South America map can be in the red folder. The kiddos sang along to the days of the week and months of the year in Spanish. We also finished our story ( El Lobo llama a la puerta!). No homework this week.

The kiddos received a map of South America, we also talked about other spanish speaking countries and located them on the map. We completed a worksheet on (los meses) sang a song and started page 41 in the workbook. No homework this week.

Today we completed a map of South America, and also looked at other countries that speak Spanish on our map. The kiddos also filled in this month calendar worksheet with Septiembre. If you have not done so and would like extra points, copy your vocabulary words into the red spiral notebook.

The students colored in a map of South America today. We also looked at other places where Spanish is also spoken. Kids, look over your words this week for homework and for extra points complete page 14 in the workbook. Finish filling in your spanish calendario😉. Gracias estudiantes!
Maria Rodriguez

Have a wonderful weekend all!
Blessings, Angela Turner, Director