TREA RR (Mon) and CPW (Tues)

SCIENCE (Monday and Tuesday)-
We discussed the earth’s different habitats and what kinds of plants live there. We began a giant mural of plants. Students were asked to bring in pictures of plants to add to our mural each week. Next week is Johnny Appleseed week! Please have the students bring an apple treat of any kind to share with their class.(Applesauce, apple fritters, apple slices, etc.)
Mrs. Cecil

The tower garden is growing nicely-

ART – This week in art we focused on our study of light. I realized we are all in need of a quick recap of light before beginning our incredible cooperative mural endeavor. Not to mention, a quick dive into water color, is great prep work for acrylic. Learning control of your brush is paramount to learning to paint in color.

*Please donate an old t-shirt or button down shirt for a paint smock if you have one. Thanks!

Martial Arts (Kid’s Fit with me)
We worked on right vs left quick reaction moves with punches and kicks.. Some grades had time for an endurance jog/wall and enjoyed the scenery along the way.
RR, K/1-

CPW, 1/2

CPW, K/1

Blessings, Angela Turner, Director