Thank You TREA Families and Teachers!

Hello TREA families. For those of you who attended Presentation/Parent Day this week at our CP location, you heard me stumble over my words as I attempted to describe our incredible TREA teachers and students. To find the words to summarize the amazing moments I’ve witnessed throughout the school year seemed impossible.

When reflecting upon this year and all the past years at TREA, I’d like to extend gratitude, gratitude beyond measure. To the teachers who bring creativity, selflessness and compassion each week; to the parents who make it possible for their children to attend; and to the children who come to learn, I stand in awe. It’s not a perfect program, there is no perfect student or teacher, no perfect classroom lesson. Sometimes the days presented the unexpected and veered off course, however that’s “how we learn”. Whether learning to comfort a sad friend, learning how to handle a perceived injustice, or how to show self-control in the hallways, by the grace of God we teach to the heart.

As an educator, to the have the freedom to speak of the scriptures and to reference the biblical character traits that truly develop the inner person, is to be blessed! Week after week I was overwhelmed hearing teachers speak the word of God, applying practical instruction to encourage students to deeply reflect on their choices, no matter how small. In today’s world, this is invaluable.

When we teach a child how to think, we teach them how to learn. It goes beyond working memory and into the realm of cognitive ability. If a student can think deeply and correctly, they can do anything. In this way they become innovative and effective life-long learners. This translates into a student who loves learning; is able to think critically, deeply and strategically; and who is organized and has purpose. This is your student, and I could not be any more proud of each of them. Thank you for sharing your amazing children with us each week and thank you for a wonderful school year!

Angela Turner, Director